Terminate Toggling with APIs for the Supply Chain and Maritime Spheres

Terminate Toggling with APIs for the Supply Chain and Maritime Spheres

What’s inside?

    Tedious toggling between screens to gain insights while running day-to-day operations demands an intelligent solution

    Shipping and supply chain stakeholders enjoy benefitting from as many AI-based insights as possible, especially considering the complexity of the maritime ecosystem and the growing number of sanctions since Russia’s invasion. But when using a legacy system, toggling between your own UI and screens that offer actionable insights is clumsy. It takes too much time when you need to come up with quick risk assessments and decisions.

    Obtaining a holistic picture on one screen, within your existing workflows, solves the pain point of endless toggling when trying to gain a complete assessment of shipments, vessels and containers, and generates fast and accurate risk assessments.

    The Solution? 

    APIs that integrate AI-based maritime insights directly into your organization’s existing workflows and screens. Adding API technology to your system provides you with a complete picture on one screen, creating a unified, enhanced and seamless process, without requiring any changes to your existing systems. It adds advanced expertise directly into your existing workflows without interruption or changes to your ongoing operations, increasing efficiency.

    In one use case, ideally you’ll want to track your ocean container shipments, from departure to arrival, through their entire journey by integrating actionable insights into your existing tracking systems. With API technology, you can receive real-time updates on shipment ETA, live location, predictive risk of delay, and location-based notifications on departures and arrivals in your system. 

    Or, in a bunkering scenario, you could have mere minutes to make a decision about providing service to a particular vessel without violating sanctions, so you’ll want all your data and AI insights within view simultaneously.


    Creating a Bespoke Set of APIs

    Ideally, you’ll want to select the maritime API or dataset most useful for your needs, to create your own customized bundle of maritime insights, mixing and matching APIs to your specific risk profile and business needs. Choose from relevant insights related to areas of interest, vessel behavior, maritime and non-maritime companies, and shipment risk levels.

    APIs that can assist you in building your unique set of insights include:

    Great GraphQL Technology

    APIs can utilize advanced GraphQL technology to enable flexible integration with minimal effort and time, to receive the accurate and exact data analysis you need.

    GraphQL allows users to define the structure of the required data, and exactly the same structure of data is returned from the server. This eliminates both over and under-fetching data, while also allowing for a more powerful and flexible API. By defining a GraphQL query, users can get exactly what they need.

    Advantages of GraphQL include:

    •  User-specified data structures that don’t require multiple requests
    •  Empowers users to experiment with and develop APIs that are automatically documented
    • APIs are strongly typed, preventing errors by showing type details and blocking incorrect type choices.

    Across the maritime and logistics ecosystems, stakeholders are racing to incorporate actionable data that can speed up decision-making processes, assist with effective risk management, and effectively track vessels and freight. With a robust AI-driven insights solution, you can introduce a wide range of APIs into your daily workflow.

    Windward Maritime AI™ offers you the insights you need directly into your existing workflows. APIs are based on insights from our catalogs of over 117,000 polygons, 63,000 average daily ports of call, 2,000 weekly risk indicators, 2.2 million daily vessel activities, over 1,400 container ports and terminals, and more. We offer a comprehensive set of API tracking options that cover virtually every maritime scenario that requires the quick decision-making that can only be achieved with our deep set of insight-based APIs. 

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