Use Generative AI (Gen AI) tools in Windward

🚧 Gen AI is currently in open limited beta. During this time, we will be continuously adding new features and refining the overall experience.

Gen AI tools let you leverage the knowledge of large language models to help speed up your work in the Windward system.

Windward currently uses AWS Bedrock to power its Gen AI solutions. Learn more about AWS Bedrock and your data↓

MAI Expert Insights

MAI Expert is a virtual maritime risk subject matter expert based on Gen AI and leveraging Windward proprietary data. 

This version of MAI Expert is the first of our series of generative AI subject matter experts and our first Gen AI-based product. It is the first step in our Gen AI strategy. 

With MAI Expert, you can:

  • Quickly generate a vessel profile risk assessment: the agent will summarize the vessel profile, including in its summary different aspects of information that can be flagged as risky, such as our compliance building blocks, the users’ own Organization Defined Risk, ownership data, P&I insurance and other relevant information
  • Draft email generator: MAI Expert will create a suggested email draft that could be sent to various counterparties offering or reviewing the vessel, saving you time in drafting the email yourself, and enabling communication standardization.
  • Screen for adverse media: MAI Expert will screen for negative news across various public media sources.  

Here’s an example of how the features work at a high level:

  • The user requests for MAI Expert assistance
  • The system automatically generates a prompt text that is sent to AWS along with some context about the action you want to achieve, like asking for a summary of a selected vessel
  • AWS returns a text output that attempts to match whatever instructions or context are included with the original input.
  • The output is written back to the user.

Gen AI considerations and best practices

There are a few things to keep in mind when using any Gen AI tool:


Our Gen AI-powered tools leverage advanced algorithms and data collected from diverse sources across the internet to deliver information and results. However, it’s essential to understand that the accuracy and reliability of these outputs can vary.

Due to the inherent complexities and limitations of Gen AI technologies, there is a potential for inaccuracies, omissions, or misleading outcomes. Consequently, the information provided by our tools should be considered as a general reference rather than definitive facts. It is not intended to replace expert advice or your own comprehensive research.

Your responsibilities

  • It’s crucial to exercise your own judgment and discretion when utilizing these tools. Always verify and cross-check the information provided before making decisions, taking actions, or relying on it for critical matters.
  • Take responsibility for the ethical and responsible use of Gen AI technologies. Avoid using the tools for purposes that may infringe upon privacy, violate ethical standards, or contribute to harmful outcomes.
  • Regularly update and enhance your understanding of Gen AI technologies and their implications to ensure informed and responsible usage.

Data usage

The AWS Bedrock terms provide that AWS will not use any inputs to or outputs from Amazon Bedrock to train Amazon Titan or any third-party models. Additionally, no users’ inputs and model outputs are shared with any model providers.

Windward will not use inputs provided by the customer or outputs from the Windward service to train Windward services or any third-party models.

Learn more about the MAI expert.