Optimize ETA tracking with Ocean Freight Visibility

Leverage the power of Maritime AI™ to gain real-time visibility and certainty in the most efficient way

Take back control to increase your value in the supply chain!

Windward Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV) is an innovative solution dedicated to gain real-time visibility and certainty on all your containers in the most efficient way. By leveraging our advanced algorithms and fusing multi data sources with our Maritime AI, you’ll gain actionable insights with immediate access to the most accurate and reliable ETA predictions.

Be the first to know

Know in real-time about critical delays and gain actionable insights on all your containers with Maritime AI™ Predicted ETA

Reduce dwell time and demurrage charges

Leverage Maritime AI™ to monitor critical shipment disruptions affecting ETA, and gain enough time to proactively engage in resolution.

Increase your reliability

Gain a consistent level of certainty and data quality about your ocean containers status, regardless of the carrier.

Proactively mitigate delay risks

Engage in resolutions with the carriers and customers by understanding the true reasons for any delay as it evolves.


Improve efficiency and scalability

 Streamline data collection and analysis process.

We chose to partner with Windward to help us achieve our goal of building a clear picture of the supply chain. Using Ocean Freight Visibility, we can ensure our customers receive the latest and most accurate ETAs.

We were absolutely blown away by Windward’s data. The visibility down to the port details and a drill down of any delay causes – and all in real time. Other available solutions today are a million miles away from that.

With an industry that provides endless ever changing updates from multiple sources, the Windward Ocean Freight Visibility solution brings huge peace of mind and support, giving us accurate live data whilst saving us time. Since working with Windward, we are able to focus more on bettering our customer service, reducing their risks and improving their experience.

“Most of the end-to-end visibility solutions available in the market have limited shipment coverage and data latency issues. After testing and comparing Windward’s Ocean Freight Visibility solution with others on the market, we concluded that it provided the biggest improvement on these challenges as well as others that we didn’t think could be solved.”

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