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Windward is redefining risk management with the industry’s first fully configurable risk. Organization Defined Risk (ODR) enables users to tailor behavioral indicators to meet their unique business and risk needs. Indicators can be applied to both behavioral and static screening data sets.

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A New Standard in Risk Management

A truly configurable approach empowers organizations to define and apply individual risk parameters that resonate with their specific needs, scenarios, industries, and teams. Entities can ensure that their risk management strategies are in perfect alignment with their operational and strategic risk mitigation and growth objectives.

Easily define and apply individual risk parameters to align with various company needs, scenarios, industries, and/or teams

Integrate various risk indicators, for example, intersectional indicators, to make data-based comprehensive decisions

Demonstrate a proactive and sophisticated approach to risk thresholds according to various needs, generating new business opportunities

Define local/specific risk profiles, as opposed to only global risk indicators, to gain immediate insight into the risk you care about

Organization Defined Risk – Your Risk, Your Rules

Customization vs. Configurability

Customization is important for increasing accuracy and efficiency, but today’s stakeholders can only select predefined settings or parameters. A truly configurable approach enables organizations to define and apply individual risk parameters that resonate with their specific needs.

Use Cases

Sanctions Exposure

Windward ODR Page_Sanctions Exposure

Sanctions Exposure

FSUs/bunkering providers seek to minimize risk exposure by automatically identifying and flagging tankers engaged in a dark activity in the Black Sea and then a ship-to-ship (STS) engagement in Greece as medium-risk.

Risky Pattern Detection

Windward odr page_Risky Pattern Detection

Risky Pattern Detection

Intelligence agencies want to automatically identify STS operations with non-transmitting vessels in smuggling-prone areas, such as the coast of Somalia, and flag relevant vessels as high-risk leads.

Supply Chain Risk

Windward odr page_Supply Chain Risk

Supply Chain Risk

Dry bulk commodity traders need to proactively manage supply chain risks by defining an indication alert for vessels calling port in war risk-prone areas, such as Ukraine and Yemen.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Customization of lookback periods and regimes, together with the combination of both Windward’s ODR, empowers users to focus investigations and sanction screening, minimizes false positives, and helps concentrate on what is truly relevant.

No. The Windward risk is based on regulation or maritime domain knowledge, but you will be able to see the lower risk/indication in the ODR section of the vessel profile and make your decision based on both recommendations.

Yes. Once a new risk is defined, it will automatically apply across your entire organization to ensure continuity and consistency across workflows and teams

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