Maritime AI™ Predicted ETA

Improve your competitive advantage with the best-in-class AI-powered solution for accurate, real-time visibility and predictability on containers and vessels.

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A new standard of accuracy

The Windward Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV) solution utilizes unique, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) models similar to the ones that have helped our customers understand and predict vessel behavior for over a decade. OFV fuses data from a multitude of sources that are relevant to the supply chain and applies advanced algorithms, creating a more accurate and reliable source of truth for ETA predictions and enabling real-time visibility on container journeys.

Windward ETAs Are Far Better Than Carriers 

Up To 30 Days Out

50% Less critical delays

More accurate than carriers
in 2 out of 3 containers

62% Less false positives

“We were absolutely blown away by Windward’s data. The visibility, down to the port details and a drill-down to any delay causes, all in real-time. Other available solutions today are a million miles away from that".

Simon George – Technical solutions director at metro shipping


Maritime AI™ Predicted ETA by the numbers

Leverage real-time visibility and actionable insights for delay risks on all containers, including Maritime AI™ Predicted-ETA.

Obtain a consistent level of certainty and data quality regarding ocean container statuses, regardless of the chosen carrier.

Proactively mitigate risks as they evolve and initiate resolutions with the relevant stakeholders, to better serve your customers.

Improve your ability to plan ahead and minimize additional operational costs incurred by delays.

Increase operational efficiency & scalability by streamlining data collection and analysis processes.

Impact & ROI

100% Increase in time spent on customer service

Reduced demurrage charge by 35% YoY​​

5x Return on license fee investment


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Ready for a new standard of accuracy?

Our award-winning Maritime AI™ models have been specifically trained to understand the multitude of factors affecting the movement of goods through the sea, using deep learning models. This guarantees our prediction algorithms weigh each factor influencing container shipping appropriately, including AIS transmissions, port congestions, vessel behaviors, weather, and more. The result is the most accurate prediction, throughout the entire voyage, of containers’ expected arrival time at their PODs.