Windward’s platform for exception management

Manage Your Ocean Freight

Operations at Scale

  • Easily identify shipments that require attention
  • Receive real-time updates and reasons for delayed arrivals
  • Track all voyage milestones, regardless of carrier
  • Analyze the performance of carriers, ports & terminals with an advanced analytics dashboard
Focusing on the things that matter

Exception Management for Optimized Operations & Reduced Costs

Create customized alerts to receive attention-worthy exceptions, empowering you to concentrate on your core business and efficiently handle vast operations. Windward’s Maritime AI™ platform helps you manage exceptions at any stage of the shipping cycle, from planning to the arrival at the port of discharge, including automatic alerts to:

Easily identify shipments that require attention
Receive real-time updates and reasons for delayed arrivals
Track all voyage milestones, regardless of carrier
Analyze the performance of carriers, ports & terminals with an advanced analytics dashboard
Use case

Navigating the Red Sea Crisis

A leading freight forwarder was utilizing Windward’s platform when one of its UK-based customers, a manufacturer, was awaiting containers from China to be collected at the Port of Southampton, UK. Normally, the transit time from East Asia to Southampton is around 22 days. Due to the ongoing Houthi attacks, uncertainty arose as the forwarder and its customer were unsure if the vessel carrying the containers had avoided entering the Red Sea, potentially adding weeks to the journey.

With Windward’s Maritime AI™ platform, the forwarder could alert the manufacturer that the cargo’s carrier had deviated from the Red Sea route, extending the journey by an additional 13 days. Through a dedicated shareable shipment page, the forwarder provided its customer with an accurate predicted ETA and an exception alert for “route deviation from the Red Sea,” enabling the manufacturer to take proactive measures. This capability made the forwarder more valuable, ensuring the manufacturer was not left in the dark about its cargo. It allowed the manufacturer to source supplies from other channels, avoiding extra haulage and labor expenses.

The Value of Maritime AI™

Windward Ocean Freight Visibility is an AI-based decision support platform for exception management. It empowers importers, exporters, and logistics service providers.

Unparallel visibility

Enhanced efficiency

Actionable ETA insights

Automated tracking

Cost savings

Improve collaboration with a reliable and single source of truth

Integrating Exceptions Directly into Your Workflows

Windward Ocean Freight Visibility’s insights and exception management alerts can be easily embedded or integrated via advanced APIs into your current workflows, including:
• TMS and ERP
• Power BI dashboards
• Microsoft Teams channels
• Shareable shipment page for container information

Leading organizations choose Windward

Accurate ETAs

During COVID, Windward Ocean Freight Visibility allowed us to improve our ETA accuracy from around 30% to 80%. That has had a massive impact on our efficiency and, of course, on our customer satisfaction.

Single source of truth

Windward’s data accuracy was best fitted to become our company’s single source of truth. Its user-friendliness and ease of use promised the smoothest and quickest adoption across all teams, including those that had rarely used this type of technology.

Drill down of any delay causes

We were absolutely blown away by Windward’s data. The visibility down to the port details and a drill down of any delay causes – and all in real time. Other available solutions today are a million miles away from that.

Frequently asked questions

Need help with something? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Exception management (also called “management by exception”) refers to the process of identifying, analyzing, and resolving anomalies that occur during the shipping process. It enables businesses to proactively identify and address these anomalies in the ocean logistics process. They can’t be fully prevented, but can be effectively managed to prevent or reduce their impact on supply chains, allowing you to focus on the tasks that really matter. 

Deep learning algorithms and more than 12 years of expertise enable Windward to  deliver the most accurate ETA predictions in the industry.  Approximately 87% of Windward’s ETA predictions provided 10 days before the actual time of arrival (ATA), are accurate.* 

*Predictions within a range of +/- 48 hours of the ATA.

Yes, Windward Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV) automatically generates insights on the reasons for container arrival delays in real-time. These insights are based on Maritime AI™’s ability to understand vessel behaviors and assess the chain of events leading up to the delay.

Windward Ocean Freight Visibility collects data from a multitude of sources, including AIS transmissions, carrier websites, weather forecasts, and many other third-party sources. It also includes Windward’s 12+ years of proprietary data – vessel profiles, port-to-port movements, geofences of all container ports, terminals and waiting areas worldwide, and more. These sources are categorized and prioritized based on the requirements to generate specific actionable insights.

Maritime AI Predicted ETAs are checked, validated and, if needed, updated automatically every 10 minutes. All vessel events are also updated multiple times per hour. All container events are checked and updated multiple times per day.

Yes, Windward Ocean Freight Visibility enables you to create customized data fields, including purchase order number, commodity description, current administrative department, current administrative user, shipper, and consignee. These fields further help you manage your shipments by exception and can be tailored to your specific needs.