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Tailored AI Insights with Windward-as-a-Service

Windward-as-a-Service combines Windward Maritime AI™ with expert analysis to provide tailored insights for navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in maritime operations. Gain actionable intelligence to mitigate risks and drive revenue growth efficiently.

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    Maritime AI Platform Insights

    Receive insights that are available on the Windward platform and API, delivered directly to you in your preferred format.

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    Expert insights

    Get direct access to our domain expert analysts, who harness our AI technology to extract insights tailored to your defined area, or entities of interest.

Windward as a service

Container Vessel 90X90


Vessel screening

Single vessel compliance risk report – Go/No-go recommendation

Compliance risk fleet screening

Compliance risk summary – detailed report on the customers vessel of interest (VOI) list

Sanction list matching

Sanction/black list matching of vessels appearing in OFAC/OFSI/ UN/Paris/Tokyo and\or other lists

Port state control data per vessel

Vessel’s Port State Control (PSC) detentions and\or deficiencies overview

Vessel criteria data list – static

Vessel list exported from the search engine based on static criteria of vessel characteristics such as flag class sub-class risk length and more

Export vessel movements and activities

Vessel list exported in a defined area/polygon and timeframe from the search engine based on activity criteria such as dark activities meetings course deviations area visits and more

Positioning data

AIS data including position and general vessel information

Experts insights
  • Deep dive investigation into specific vessel
  • Dark vessel analysis and detection
  • In-depth compliance risk analysis of the clients past trading activities
  • Competitor vessels operations analysis bunkering such as port calls and ship-to-ship (STS)
  • Dark/Gray fleets report for risk exposure to potential Russian-related vessels
  • Optical satellite imagery analysis included in reports
  • IUUF-as-a-Service illegal fishing
  • Military Affiliated Vessels (MAV) as-a-Service
steering wheel 90X90


Ownership & management data lists

Information on companies owning and managing vessels – all 7 levels of ownership

Risk ownership & management data lists

Information on companies and Windward risk assessment – all 7 levels of ownership, including company risk indicators

Experts insights
  • Ultimate beneficial owner insights: Windward analysis of countryrelated UBOs for companies that affiliated with a client’s vessels
Port 90X90


Polygon data input

A data list of predefined polygon coordinates from the system (ports, oil and gas facilities, etc.)

Research-based polygon data input

A data list of coordinates based on experts’ research-based polygons (for example, risky ports)

Experts insights
  • Area analysis reports – an expert deep dive investigation on a specific area
  • Trend analysis reports – an expert deep dive investigation on a specific trend
  • Geopolitical events analysis – expert analysis deep dive investigations on specific vessels/areas/motives resulting from geopolitical events
  • Phenomena analysis – expert analysis on IUUF, MAV, smuggling phenomena in a defined area/country, including trend analysis and use cases
Container A 90X90


Exception management reports

System-generated report of expectations, such as Red Sea route deviations, late departure, late arrival, transshipment issues, and port of discharge changes

Shareable shipment page – exceptions

Add a dynamic map shareable link, including up-to-date shipment status, to update your customers and tiers

Experts insights
  • Port insights – a monthly analysis of ports of interest worldwide, including congestion analysis, inbound traffic, and turn-around efficiency
  • Carrier performance per lane – a carrier performance analysis for a single lane, comparing carriers
  • Benchmark report – carrier performance per lane – a performance comparison looking at a single lane of transit times, comparing carriers across all vessels and services
  • Disruption analysis report – analysis of delays based on specific geopolitical events

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