Optimize container tracking operations

Know your containers location and arrival time

Windward Ocean Freight Visibility was built for businesses that ship time-sensitive and large volumes of ocean cargo.
By relying on the most accurate ETA predictions and real-time visibility, importers and exporters can plan their haulage bookings earlier and more accurately, improve warehouse logistics, and optimize resource management.


Optimize your shipment planning


Reduce detention & demurrage charges


Manage resources
more efficiently

Predict the arrival of containers and plan accordingly

Receive the most accurate ETAs for your ocean shipments, allowing you to confidently lock in dates for your haulage and manage your warehouse resources.

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Improve your detention & demurrage cost management

Know when your containers are really going to arrive at their POD, get real-time updates on actual times of arrival and departure, and access these timestamps again whenever invoices arrive to avoid discrepancies.


Improve your detention & demurrage cost management

Automated container tracking


Maritime AI™ Predicted ETAs


Geofenced ATD & ATA timestamps


Shareable map and insights

Eliminate manual checks with automated updates

Get the latest and most accurate ocean visibility on your customers’ shipments in the web application, or fed directly into your other systems via API.

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Instantly share shipment information internally

With a click, share an interactive map with the current location of a shipment, as well as its past and future paths, predicted ETA, carrier ETA, reason for delay, and more.


Instantly share shipment information internally

Unparalleled maritime coverage

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Ocean shipments

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Container ports & terminals

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During COVID, Windward Ocean Freight Visibility allowed us to improve our ETA accuracy from around 30% to 80%. That has had a massive impact on our efficiency and, of course, on our customer satisfaction.


We were absolutely blown away by Windward’s data. The visibility down to the port details and a drill down of any delay causes – and all in real time. Other available solutions today are a million miles away from that.

Cargo ameford testimonials blue

With an industry that provides endless ever changing updates from multiple sources, the Windward Ocean Freight Visibility solution brings huge peace of mind and support, giving us accurate live data whilst saving us time. Since working with Windward, we are able to focus more on bettering our customer service, reducing their risks and improving their experience.