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From AI to Action: Advanced Workflows for Smarter Risk Management.

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Decision Support Platform to Accelerate Global Trade

Empower your organization with actionable Maritime AI™ insights and Organization Defined Risk tailored to your unique workflows to optimize operational readiness and supply chain risk management. Identify new business and trading opportunities, and create business growth via data-driven decisions.

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The Windward Advantage

Innovative AI models
Daily vessel activities
Flagged Location (GNSS) Manipulation events
Data sources

AI-Powered Risk Profile for Every Vessel in the World

By fusing multiple data sources and applying advanced machine learning models and proprietary behavioral activities, unique identities are created for each entity in the maritime domain. This delivers a holistic, spoofing-proof view of maritime risk.

Organization Defined Risk
A New Standard in Risk Management

Trading & Shipping

trading and shipping

Trading & Shipping

Optimize your pre- and post-fixture processes by leveraging Windward’s AI models and Organization Defined Risk for streamlined risk management, vessel screening, and business growth.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply chain

Supply Chain & Logistics

Windward Ocean Freight Visibility offers exception insights, shipment visibility, and BI and analytics, enabling you to enhance ocean freight operations and processes in a scalable manner.

Government & Public Sector


Government & Public Sector

Unlock the future of maritime intelligence with predictive risk insights. Break the boundaries of traditional maritime domain awareness by proactively identifying behavioral patterns and generating leads.

API Insights & Data Integration

API Insights & Data Integration

Integrate fused and indexed AIS data and unique behavioral insights directly into your existing workflows for streamlined voyage visibility, sanctions compliance, and bespoke model creation.

Leading organizations choose Windward

We were absolutely blown away by Windward’s data. The visibility down to the port details and a drill down of any delay causes – and all in real time. Other available solutions today are a million miles away from that.

In addition to our ongoing efforts against AML, new sanctions advisories by OFAC and OFSI have made an already complex ecosystem even more difficult to navigate. To meet regulatory expectations, we are enhancing our efforts to improve business operations, reduce risk, and improve compliance across maritime financial trade using Windward’s AI solution.

Windward is a valuable source of intelligence for the Panel’s investigations concerning maritime sanctions and North Korea.

We have partnered with Windward for a number of years, collaborating closely to develop and expand (the business with) their advanced technology, in order to build a robust and dynamic international sanctions risk approach and implement specific compliance controls for the product phases.

With an industry that provides endless ever changing updates from multiple sources, the Windward Ocean Freight Visibility solution brings huge peace of mind and support, giving us accurate live data whilst saving us time. Since working with Windward, we are able to focus more on bettering our customer service, reducing their risks and improving their experience.

As maritime trade becomes increasingly complex to navigate, our partnership with Windward enables us to meet regulatory expectations and enhances our efforts to improve business operations, reduce risk, and improve compliance across maritime financial trade.

Windward stood out as the clear best in class solution to provide us with a thorough and accurate view of maritime risk. Their advanced technology, comprehensive data coverage, and robust analytics capabilities empower our risk functions to make prudent, accurate decisions to rapidly support our global commercial teams.

Supporting our multiple clients, with varied roles and responsibilities, has only been possible because of the unwavering support by Windward. Our efforts to provide actionable insights in the ever-changing scenario is possible only because of the “on time, every time” commitment of Windward.

Windward enabled us to strengthen our screening environment with in-depth behavioral risk analysis and the tool has enhanced several investigations at our bank.

Windward’s data accuracy was best fitted to become our company’s single source of truth. Its user-friendliness and ease of use promised the smoothest and quickest adoption across all teams, including those that had rarely used this type of technology.

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