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From AI to Action: Advanced Workflows for Smarter Risk Management.

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 Homeland Security

Homeland Security API

Enhance your maritime domain awareness and operational effectiveness with real-time Maritime AI™ behavioral insights and quickly identify, prioritize, and respond to emerging threats.

The Homeland Security insights API delivers both historical and recent data in a single response, together with customized, automatic alerts. You can track any behavioral changes over time, stay on top of patterns, and discover new targets that are based on anomalous behavior and geographical relevancy. Common integrations and use cases include integration to UAVs, C4I platforms and/or intelligence research platforms.

Which APIs are needed?

Trading & Shipping

Homeland Security Risk – Get vessel’s smuggling (border security) risk score based on behavioral risk indicators with supporting context.

IUU fishing

IUU fishing & forced labor – identify and investigate criminal, political and ESG implications of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing operations and forced labor


Activities in areas – Get a list of conducted activities within existing polygons (pre-defined by Windward) or your own areas of interest (coordinates), in a given time frame.

Ship icon

Vessel activity timeline – Understand the behavioral timeline of any vessel to identify behavioral anomalies and identity changes during a given time frame, up to 1 year.

Property changes

Property changes – Query vessels’ historical and fused properties to identify suspicious and/or frequent changes in a selected time range of up to 1 year.

Vessels by MMSI

Vessels by MMSI – Match any MMSI to vessel’s IMOs and IDs to overcome any MMSI duplications and focus on the true vessel of interest.

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Homeland Security Case Study

A Southeast Asian Navy integrated Windward’s security risk and vessels’ activities to enhance the level of maritime domain awareness provided by its C4I system to all its users. Following the integration of Windward’s API insights, vessels and coastal stations can now share a common operating picture from non-classified sources. They can also access both a vessel risk assessment and clear information on the previous history and behavioral anomalies. This enables better prioritization of which vessels to board, or ask for more documentation.

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