MAI Expert™ Maximize Productivity & Expertise with Windward Gen AI

Leverage MAI Expert™️, the industry’s first maritime Gen AI agent. A virtual subject matter expert trained on Windward’s proprietary AI models and human expertise, it optimizes global trade and maritime risk management, automates screening and investigations, and promotes business growth.

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Unlock Business Growth with Native Generative AI

Designed for precision and efficiency, MAI Expert™ empowers your decision-making with comprehensive risk assessments and insight summaries:

Future-proof your risk management with a virtual maritime expert that provides AI-based actionable recommendations to accurately assess sanction risk exposure

Accelerate decision-making processes and standardized communications with automated risk assessments highlighting key insights that truly matter for your business’ bottomline

Leverage an integrated expert to complete screenings faster and without prior maritime knowledge, reducing hiring costs, onboarding time, and reliance on limited staff expertise

MAI Expert

MAI Expert™ in Action
Vessel Screening Made Easy

Quickly identify risks, optimize resources, and standardize organizational communication to promote business growth with an industry-first, sanctions-focused Gen AI prompt. Save 20 minutes per screening on average with:

  • Expert risk assessments
  • Auto-generated email drafts with selectable tones
  • Adverse media screening

Windward is the leading Maritime AI™ company, so Generative AI is a natural evolution in our journey and product strategy. By expanding our portfolio with Gen AI, we harness the power of our patented models and technology foundation to deliver seamless digitalization and rapid, demonstrable return on investment.

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Your Gen AI Journey, Powered by Windward

Specialized Vertical AI

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Specialized Vertical AI

Windward’s deep learning models are specifically designed for the maritime industry, leveraging years of maritime data and expertise. By maintaining a vertical AI approach, we are able to focus on industry-specific challenges and leverage domain-specific data, for more precise and actionable insights compared to generic AI solutions.

Data Driven

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Data Driven

Effective AI solutions require more than just advanced algorithms – high-quality, relevant data is a must. Windward’s commitment to data integrity ensures that our AI models are fed with accurate, clean, and processed data, leading to more reliable and impactful insights.

Agility & Innovation

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Agility & Innovation

We stay ahead of the curve by continuously integrating the latest advances in AI and deep learning into our solutions. Our collaborations with industry leaders help us refine our approach and offer state-of-the-art AI tools that are both powerful and easy to integrate into existing systems​.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Maritime AI™ is the vertical AI foundation of everything that we do. MAI Expert™, our new Gen AI subject matter agent, leverages our leading Maritime AI™ models and insights to provide even smarter and faster actionable recommendations.

Absolutely not. MAI Expert™ is trained to support and streamline existing teams, freeing them to focus on what truly matters – proactively growing their business, and offering them comprehensive expert insights at the click of a button.

Of course. MAI Expert™ is here to help you streamline your processes, but you can still manually review and screen vessels with our industry-best vessel profile insights.

Windward will not use input provided by customers or output from the Windward platform to train Windward models, or any third-party models.

When you use Windward’s Generative AI technology, you acknowledge and agree that output may not always be accurate, even if it appears precise due to the level of detail or specificity. It is essential to independently verify accuracy, rather than solely relying on answers. Additionally, please note that output may not reflect correct, current, or comprehensive information. We remain committed to continuous improvement, refining our AI tools to enhance accuracy over time.

When you use Windward’s Generative AI technology, the input which you and/or your authorized users share with Windward, and the output, are your data to the extent permitted by applicable law. 

The EU AI Act will only become fully applicable two years after its publication. For now, the act’s compliance obligations are not in effect. We believe that our AI solutions do not fall within the act’s terms and are de facto compliant.

Maritime AI™ – Seeing is Believing

Maritime AI™ insights and predictive intelligence can be game-changers for your organization. Get your demo, with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.