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From AI to Action: Advanced Workflows for Smarter Risk Management.

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The Power of Maritime AI

Discover the Unknown Unknowns

Unlock the Future of Maritime Intelligence with predictive risk insights. Break the boundaries of traditional maritime domain awareness by proactively identifying behavioral patterns and uncovering hidden threats.

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Maritime AI™ Solution For Operational Decision Making

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From Visibility to Early Detection

Windward’s predictive intelligence AI-driven models automatically identify behavioral outliers by continuously analyzing datasets and predicting evolving risks. Identifying anomalies before they evolve into threats increases investigation efficiency and provides unprecedented domain knowledge.

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Maritime AI™ for operational decision-making

Protect Borders & Critical National Infrastructure

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Protect Borders & Critical National Infrastructure

Users can screen incoming vessels for behavioral anomalies and potential smuggling risk indicators in real-time, identify and monitor long-distance fishing vessels and supporting fleets, dynamically track voyage milestones and container and cargo movements, and uncover ownership networks and connections throughout the entire trade supply chain.

Optimize Strategic Planning

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Optimize Strategic Planning

Discover the ‘unknown-unknowns’ and enhance risk predictions to proactively identify behavioral outliers in real-time and plan ahead. Track vessels throughout their lifetime with patented entity resolution resistant to identity spoofing, and deepen geopolitical expansion understanding with visibility into the entire IUU fishing supply chain.

Mitigate the Ripple Effect of Sanctions

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Mitigate the Ripple Effect of Sanctions

Stay on top of shifting regulations and sanction evasion tactics by screening vessels and connected ownership structures against sanctions and watchlists. You can leverage the sole solution that provides automatic visibility into location (GNSS) manipulation, and monitor evolving threats in the context of geopolitical events, oil spills, and political drivers for suspicious hub emergence.

Enhanced Operational Visibility via Multi-Source Intelligence

Multi Source Intelligence

Enhanced Operational Visibility via Multi-Source Intelligence

Enhance tipping and cueing operations by combining predictive intelligence and remote sensing technology. By overlaying satellite imagery on a map with vessel positions and activities layers, quickly investigate operations and track areas over time, to assess changes to coastlines, ports, and open waters

Breaking the Boundaries of Maritime Domain Awareness

Knowing the unknowns will be critical for success in 2024.

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Leading organizations choose Windward

During COVID, Windward Ocean Freight Visibility allowed us to improve our ETA accuracy from around 30% to 80%. That has had a massive impact on our efficiency and, of course, on our customer satisfaction.

Windward’s data accuracy was best fitted to become our company’s single source of truth. Its user-friendliness and ease of use promised the smoothest and quickest adoption across all teams, including those that had rarely used this type of technology.

We were absolutely blown away by Windward’s data. The visibility down to the port details and a drill down of any delay causes – and all in real time. Other available solutions today are a million miles away from that.

Frequently asked questions

Windward’s proprietary AI models automatically identify bad actors and flag vessels for smuggling, IUU fishing, sanction evasion, and forced labor.
Windward enables users to monitor behavioral anomalies, follow containers and cargo with dynamic voyage milestones, and uncover ownership networks and connections for maritime entities across the entire trade supply chain.

The future of maritime operations lies in the integration of remote sensing tipping and cueing, and predictive analytics. A multi-source approach combining both predictive intelligence and remote sensing technology can transform a sea of raw data into actionable recommendations.

With advanced behavioral analysis in decision-making, understanding where to deploy assets and capture satellite imagery can dramatically increase operational efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

Yes. Via a simple API integration, stakeholders can easily enrich existing systems and workflows with predictive intelligence in a single screen, and seamlessly integrate into collaboration tools.

Maritime AI™ –Seeing is Believing

Maritime AI insights and predictive intelligence can be game-changers for your organization. Get your demo, 30-day money back guarantee.