India maritime threat map


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    From terrorism to refugees to regional tensions – there’s plenty to keep Indians up at night. With that in mind, the country has, in recent years, redoubled its efforts to protect its seas and coastline, enhancing its maritime domain awareness, rapidly adopting new technologies and analytics.

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    Against this backdrop, comes the first edition of the India Maritime Threat Map. It reveals some of the anomalies found when applying AI-driven, behavioral analysis to vessels, enabling organizations to anticipate threats, and stay ahead of their adversaries. Key findings, include:

    1. Increasing activity by foreign surveillance vessels in the Bay of Bengal.
    2. Large number of vessels crossing the Arabian Sea with armed guards aboard, to protect against piracy.
    3. Prevalence of journeys indicative of illicit activity, such as drug smuggling.

    India Maritime Threat Map

    If you like the India Maritime Threat Map, check out our European version, which we published earlier this year. And stay tuned for more threat maps for other parts of the world. For now, stay safe!

    Gur Sender is a Pre-Sale Manager at Windward

    Download a PDF of the Map

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