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A year in review: 2021 maritime risk insights

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    2021 was a busy year for maritime. Bad actors turned up the heat with new tactics, tricks, and practices. Thanks to Maritime AI, our system sorted through hundreds of data points to pinpoint the most relevant risk events of 2021. And we’ve summarized it all right here.

    More often than not, risk is over-accounted for. When in fact, high-risk events make up a small percentage of maritime activity. We want to make it easy for our customers to detect bad actors, without losing unnecessary business. Most importantly, our goal is to provide our users with critical answers to their questions like, out of the 487,000 AIS signal losses, which should I investigate? Or, what about the 2.3 million ship-to-ship operations? Which ones should I flag?

    The infographic below makes it clear why now more than ever, compliance teams and risk professionals need strong tools to correctly vet maritime activity and reduce false positives. Otherwise, using legacy tools to review the sheer volume of vessels and activities can render resources short. Plus, the maritime domain is constantly evolving — what we see today is not necessarily what will be a week or even a month from now. So tools need to be evaluated for how they can keep up with the latest trends. And while we can’t predict what to expect in 2022, what we do know is this: bad actors will only get more sophisticated. So stakeholders need to follow suit with the right technology to stay ahead.

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