2 Years That Upended Global Trade: Russia Report 

2 Years That Upended Global Trade Russia Report

What’s inside?

    Not many people expected Putin to invade Ukraine, or for the war to last two years (and counting). No one could have predicted the ways in which this conflict, which commenced on February 24, 2022, would fundamentally transform the maritime and supply chain ecosystems.

    Global trade and sanctions implementation have been significantly altered, perhaps permanently. 

    Windward’s new report, 2 Years of Turmoil that Transformed the Maritime Ecosystem, contains our AI-powered insights to illuminate how Russia’s two-year-long war with Ukraine has impacted trade routes, the supply chain, deceptive shipping practices (DSPs), sanctions, and the emergence of the gray and dark fleets

    We also look at how smuggling has changed – particularly in relation to grain and new bunkering hubs – and how the ongoing Houthi disruptions in the past few months are affecting the Russia-Ukraine war.  

    A few examples illustrating the tremendous impact:* 

    • A 216% increase in dark activities (monthly average) after a port call in Russia
    • Number of direct voyages from Russia to the EU by tankers decreased by 72% (monthly average
    • A 616% increase in bunkering activities in Catania, Italy

    *2022 vs. 2023

    The report closes with tips for conducting thorough due diligence and remaining fully compliant with a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, while continuing to facilitate global trade and/or quickly clear business. 

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