Maritime AI

Maritime AI™

What is Maritime AI™?

Maritime artificial intelligence (AI)™ uses deep learning AI models to understand the factors at play in the maritime industry. AI predictive algorithms use historical data and analyze AIS transmissions, weather forecasts, sanctions and blacklists, and much more. The multiple sources and maritime-centric algorithm help deliver accurate, real-time data on events occurring at sea, to increase efficiency and scalability.

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The Need for AI in the Maritime Industry

Maritime AI™ combines machine learning, deep learning, and big data analytics. Its primary goal is to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of vessel operations, while reducing costs.

Maritime AI™ includes container tracking and ocean freight visibility to predict delays and offer accurate ETAs. It constantly analyzes data from various sensors to provide real time updates to all the relevant stakeholders. These data points are collected from thousands of sources, including, but not limited to:

One of the key applications of maritime artificial intelligence is how it can optimize vessel operations. The AI can quickly analyze data on weather conditions, vessel performance, and cargo demand to find the best routes, optimal speeds, and schedules. This can result in significant fuel savings, reduced costs, and a more accurate ETA.
Maritime AI™ can also provide valuable insights from data analyses. AI algorithms process vast amounts of data from various sources to identify patterns and trends, leading to better business decisions. It also provides insights on port congestion, transit times, and vessel call duration, which are crucial for efficient shipping operations and can help logistics managers avoid delays and reduce costs.

Benefits of Maritime AI™ for Various Sectors 

The maritime industry encompasses a vast range of sectors, each with unique needs and challenges. One common thread that runs through these sectors is the immense potential for major benefits through the adoption of Maritime AI™ technology. Whether it’s supply chain and logistics, trading and shipping, or the government and public sector, the application of AI in the maritime domain opens up a world of opportunities. Maritime AI™ technology is already helping to transform the maritime industry, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of the sea with unprecedented insights and efficiency.

Use Maritime AI™ to Avoid Sanctions

Maritime AI™ helps companies avoid sanctions by providing predictive intelligence that enables them to screen vessel lists and conduct due diligence on potential business partners. Sanctions screening is a major focus in the maritime industry, as the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has shown that they take the sanction violations seriously. 

Additionally, Maritime AI™ helps companies avoid violating sanctions by analyzing vast amounts of data and identifying potential risks. For example, it can screen vessel lists against sanctioned vessel lists, identify potential matches, and flag them for further review. Similarly, AI can handle list screening, by scanning all the different list types in minutes, cross-referencing the data, to ensure that you aren’t doing business with an individual or organization that appears on a sanctions list.  

Windward’s Maritime AI™

Windward, a leader in ocean tracking, developed its Maritime AI™ offering to provide shippers and other key players in the ecosystem with next-level insights and analytics stemming from AI. 

With over 15 innovative AI models designed by maritime experts, Windward’s Maritime AI™  provides the most accurate insights into a ship’s voyage, including accurate predictions for the expected time of arrival.

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The Benefits of Windward’s Maritime AI™ 

As mentioned above, Windward’s Maritime AI™ provides actionable visibility for various sectors in the maritime industry. Let’s take a deeper look: 

  • Supply chain and logistics – reduce the costs of your ocean freight and container tracking operations, manage your supply chain efficiently, and bring more clarity and value to your customers with actionable visibility. Key benefits include:
    • Automated carrier container milestones and geofenced ATA and ATD timestamps 
    • Accurate Maritime AI™-predicted ETAs for efficient planning, and avoiding fees and penalties 
    • Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies can reduce supply chain costs and increase sustainability with military-grade quality and accuracy for sensitive cargo. 
  • Trading and shipping – real-time insights into vessel behavior, ownership, and cargo that eliminate uncertainty and create a customized, holistic view of risk. Key benefits include:
    • Quick clearance of vessels with accurate data and decision-ready insights 
    • Automatic risk alerts on different sanctions programs based on customized compliance and business needs
  • Government and public sector – quickly identify behavioral anomalies and deviations from patterns of life to drive visibility and efficiency in operational decision-making. Key benefits include:
    • Track vessels throughout their lifetime with a patented entity resolution resistant to identity spoofing 
    • Discover new leads based on user-defined behavioral risks and advanced AI-based classifiers on a global level  

This is just the tip of the iceberg of how Maritime AI™ can help your organization or business. Take a look at our website for more details.