Pharmaceutical and Life sciences

Reduce your supply chain costs and carbon footprint

Don’t let uncertainty and complexity slow you down

Windward’s platform leverages best-in-class data sources, advanced machine learning models, and proprietary behavioral analysis to create unique identities and profiles for every vessel in the world.

Track and monitor your shipments in real-time

Ensure your products reach your customers safely and on time

Avoid fees and penalties

Full milestones coverage

Military-grade quality & accuracy

Real time visibility and insights

More than 95% milestone coverage from Gate In to Gate Out

Using a methodology that combines multiple external sources and proprietary data, Windward is able to track any shipment from any carrier, including NVOCCs, provide updates on all milestones along the voyage.

Covering 99% of ocean shipments, regardless of the carrier

Updates on 100% of container vessels for all events and movements

Geofenced over 1,400 container ports & terminals globally

Windward’s Milestone Coverage Completeness

The impact​

See the chain of events and real reasons that led your shipments to be delayed. This includes such occurrences as when your container was rolled over, if there was delay during transshipment, a vessel departure later than scheduled, a transshipment buffer that is too short, and more.

Minimize time spent troubleshooting with carriers

Provide better answers to all involved stakeholders

Enable procurement teams to assess carrier reliability

Augmented visibility insights

Exclusive ETA insights

Decision support platform

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