A Multi-Intelligence Platform for Enhanced Operational Visibility

Leverage the combination of predictive intelligence and remote sensing technology

to detect, identify, and monitor illicit behaviors.

Hero A Multi Source Platform for Enhanced Operational Visibility

Vendor-Agnostic Platform for Increased Accuracy and Smarter Strategic Planning

Dark activities

Detect non-transmitting vessels and dark activities


Investigate operations and track areas over time, to assess changes to coastlines, ports, and open waters


Overlay satellite imagery on a map with vessel positions and an activities layer


Receive actionable recommendations to enable true tipping and cueing

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Leverage Daily Optical Imagery On-Demand

Seamless, integrated delivery of daily global optical images without tasking requirements:

dots grid Greater coverage with 3m per pixel – high resolution with daily re-visits
route 22px Additional context for investigating moving objects
search md Investigate past events with an image library dating back to 2016
Leverage Daily Optical Imagery On Demand
Don’t let meteorological conditions keep you in the dark

Extend Visibility with On-Demand SAR

Overcome cloudy areas and nighttime with on-demand SAR images for pre-defined areas:

shield tick Total confidentiality, with independent, remote tasking not directly connected to tasking unit
grid 01 A resolution range, according to your needs
cloud moon Full night-time and cloudy area coverage
Extend Visibility with On Demand SAR

A New Standard in Operational Intelligence