Compliance risk

Predict compliance risk and protect your business with actionable insights and go/no go recommendations aligned with the latest OFAC, OFSI and UN advisories

Counterparty due diligence

Streamline counterparty due diligence with full risk profiles for every entity in your value chain, providing actionable insights into vessel behavior, cargo data and ownership structure (all seven-levels and up to the UBO).

Know Your Vessel (KYV)™

By accounting for both historical and behavioral data, our KYV solution enables global businesses to quickly and effectively verify potential risk exposure, in real-time. Stay ahead of OFAC advisories and emerging deceptive shipping practices with compliance, safety, and security risk insights.


Sanctions screening

With our regularly updated LexisNexis lists and AI-driven sanctions screening, you can proactively screen vessels and companies before penalties hit.

Sanctions screening

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