Wisor Incorporates Windward’s Maritime AI™ insights to enhance freight visibility and optimize business operations

Windward’s AI-powered supply chain solution will provide users of Wisor’s freight booking products with enhanced visibility and the tools to optimize decision-making for increased efficiency and profitability

LONDON, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Windward (LSE: WNWD), the leading Maritime AI company, has announced a partnership with Wisor, a leading provider of freight management software. The partnership will provide Wisor customers with Windward’s Maritime AI insights for precise ETAs and full visibility of container tracking with 99% coverage, allowing them to plan more efficiently, adapt to issues in real time, and ultimately increase profitability.

With the proliferation of SaaS products, companies are now looking to consolidate and leverage technologies that not only provide value, but are also easy to implement, use and can service multiple needs. This has led to a growing trend where companies are opting to embed 3rd party solutions as opposed to spending years on development of a specific solution. This is especially true for companies managing the complex process of pricing and coordinating global freight who are seeking end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate into their existing workflow and workforce.

The integration of Windward Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV) into Wisor’s offering will provide their customers with full supply chain visibility and container tracking with 99% global coverage, precise ETAs, and the tools to adapt to notable issues while exploring alternative solutions and update providers as needed.

“We are seeing a growing trend, especially in the freight and logistics industries, of companies looking to embed AI into existing products to create more comprehensive and holistic solutions,” said Ami Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of Windward. “Our partnership with Wisor demonstrates how the simple integration of Windward AI into their platform improves visibility, efficiency, and profitability across the supply chain, adding immediate value to their customers.”

 “We are thrilled to initiate this strategic collaboration with Windward, an innovation-driven partner, to accelerate digital transformation within the supply chain ecosystem and boost overall effectiveness,” stated Raz Ronen, CEO of Wisor.

About Windward

Windward (LSE:WNWD), is the leading Maritime AI™ company, providing an all-in-one platform for risk management and maritime domain awareness needs to accelerate global trade. Windward’s AI-powered decision support platform and exception management offers a 360° view of the maritime ecosystem and allows stakeholders including ocean freight forwarders, shipping companies, insurers, energy companies, banks, and governments to make real time, predictive intelligence-driven decisions to achieve business and operational readiness.

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About Wisor

Wisor AI is an advanced freight booking software solution geared towards modernizing the global freight forwarding industry which manages the delivery of everything we use, wear and consume. The company’s plug & play solution provides a global automated quoting solution, allowing freight forwarders to generate quotes and communicate with clients automatically and within minutes. Wisor’s seamless integration and cutting-edge technology can empower more than 300,000 traditional freight forwarding companies to increase efficiency, cut costs and gain profitability. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. To learn more, visit 

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