Windward Offers Open Access to Shipping Insights

New live map enables users to understand global shipping activity, see where vessels are coming and going, and assess the impact of COVID-19 on trade over time

Tel-Aviv, March 25, 2020: Joining the global fight against COVID-19, Windward, a world leader in maritime analytics, will provide open access to its data and insights, offering a greater understanding of global trade flows – helping to strike a balance between protecting public health and maintaining global economic stability.

The new, interactive COVID-19 Shipping Map, is a publicly-accessible tool that gives users aggregated information on global maritime journeys, including types of ships, their origins and – critical in terms of the virus incubation period – time spent at sea.

Ami Daniel, Windward CEO, said: “Watching this global pandemic unfold, I knew we had to do whatever we could to help. We want this tool to enable everyone – including researchers, ports, governments, health officials, and the general public – to see that even in the face of COVID-19, the global shipping industry plays a critical role in ensuring supplies can continue to come in. The maritime ecosystem is strong, and together, we’re stronger.”

About Windward

Windward fuses big data, AI and maritime expertise to make the seas safer, and help the maritime ecosystem thrive. Its AI-driven insights help organizations stay ahead of the game, enabling companies to comply with sanctions; assisting governments in curtailing smuggling and people-trafficking; and helping marine insurers optimize risk selection and improve profitability. Founded in 2010, the company is backed by leading figures from the worlds of business and security, including former BP CEO, (Lord) John Browne; Salesforce Chairman & CEO, Marc Benioff; and former CIA Director, David Petraeus. The company is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, with offices in London and Washington D.C.

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