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Windward’s AI Maritime Solution: Optimize and Mitigate

London, UK, September 9, 2020 Windward, the predictive maritime intelligence company transforming maritime operations, announced today the release of its next-generation Maritime Predictive Intelligence solution powered by Maritime Artificial Intelligence Analytics (MAIA™️). Consisting of 10bn datapoints and 300 behavioral analysis models, MAIA™️ empowers organizations to make smarter and faster decisions and optimize operations. 

Recent sanction advisories from both the OFSI in the UK and OFAC in the US highlight the need for a new global standard in maritime operations, ushering in a paradigm shift in best practices affecting insurers, shipping companies, banks, and traders alike. In addition, Windward’s solution provides governments with sophisticated solutions to protect national interests and citizens. 

MAIA™️ screens, searches and analyzes dynamic maritime data to connect the dots and discover potential risks and questionable business partners. By continuously applying MAIA™️’s behavioral analysis models, Windward’s solution provides dynamic Predictive Intelligence based on vessel identity, cargo visibility, true location, voyage patterns, and more. MAIA™️ links this knowledge into patterns and profiles that create new insights and enable the digital transformation of the maritime ecosystem.

“We are excited to usher in the era of Maritime 4.0, the next evolution of maritime intelligence empowering all stakeholders in the ecosystem,” said Ami Daniel, CEO of Windward. “Risk management lies at the core of any business operation, and maritime is no exception. With our Predictive Intelligence solution, we are giving authorities, banks, insurers, shipping companies, and others the most comprehensive view of maritime risk and enabling the highest level of accountability and transparency.”  

Voyage Irregularities is one of the many new features powered by MAIA™️, providing clients with a 360° smart profile of each entity to bring transparency and accountability to the global maritime grid. By detecting inconsistencies and behavioral irregularities, including the vessel’s age, ship to ship transfers, course deviations, transmission gaps, flag hopping, and more, Windward’s Predictive Intelligence solution enables industry players to be proactive, ensuring they only do business with entities that comply with all the latest regulations. 

About Windward

Windward  aims to digitalize the maritime ecosystem and help organizations achieve business and operational readiness through Future Forward decisions™.  Windward’s Predictive Intelligence solution fuses AI, big data, and maritime expertise to enable clients and partners to understand the maritime ecosystem and its broader impact on security, finance, and business.