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Windward & Vortexa’s Data Sharing for Maritime Risk

The partnership will enable tanker charterers, shipping companies and other global maritime stakeholders to evaluate and select vessels more quickly and accurately after assessing maritime risk

London, UK, October 13, 2020Windward, the Predictive Maritime Intelligence company applying AI to transform global maritime operations, and Vortexa, the energy analytics company using AI and deep industry expertise to provide the most complete real-time view of crude oil, refined products, LPG and LNG flows globally, announced today a joint partnership to exchange maritime data in order to provide greater visibility into compliance and risk factors across the global tanker fleet in the context of physical trading and chartering activities.

Windward’s vessel risk assessment capabilities based on its AI-driven Predictive Intelligence solution will enrich Vortexa’s analytics platform. Vortexa’s real-time and detailed global cargo level information and advanced ship-to-ship tracking data will bolster Windward’s Predictive Maritime Intelligence solution.

Given the international regulatory and sanctions landscape it is more important than ever to exchange data related to comprehensive cargo flow and maritime risk factors. Mitigating risk is of paramount importance to charterers, shipping companies, and other stakeholders in the global maritime ecosystem, enabling them to minimize physical trading and operational risks and avoid heavy fines and costly delays.

Windward’s AI-based risk metrics are now available within Vortexa’s platform at the vessel level, while Vortexa’s cargo data will strengthen Windward’s ability to measure vessel risk more accurately. With the amalgamation of Windward’s and Vortexa’s data, maritime stakeholders can now identify and reduce risk as part of their high-stakes trading and chartering decisions.

“Partnering with Vortexa is a win-win for global maritime intelligence and risk mitigation,” said Ami Daniel, CEO of Windward. “Both companies have highly specialized capabilities and data, and sharing intelligence on certain risk factors will enable each company to continuously improve their offerings so maritime stakeholders can conduct business with confidence.”

“Our partnership with Windward will enable physical trading and tanker chartering opportunities shown at Vortexa’s analytics platform to be analyzed together with vessel risk factors provided by Windward,” said Fabio Kuhn, Founder and CEO of Vortexa. “This unique combination of predictive intelligence will help our clients to physically trade with a greater level of confidence and avoid some of the most P&L-destroying operational and compliance ‘surprises’.”

About Windward

Windward is the leading Predictive Intelligence company fusing AI and big data to digitalize the global maritime industry, enabling organizations to achieve business and operational readiness. Windward’s AI-powered solution allows stakeholders including banks, commodity traders, and major energy and shipping companies, to make real time, predictive intelligence driven decisions, with a 360° view of the maritime ecosystem and its broader impact on safety, security, finance, and business. For more information visit: https://windward.ai/.

About Vortexa Ltd.

Vortexa tracks more than $1.8 trillion of waterborne energy flows around the world – in real-time. Leading energy trading and shipping companies use Vortexa to gain the most complete view of global energy flows available in the world today. Vortexa’s platform provides information and analytics about global flows of crude oil, refined products, LPG and LNG – cargo by cargo, vessel by vessel. Vortexa data is enhanced using machine learning, state-of-the-art technology and oversight from in-house market experts. Founded by Fabio Kuhn, former Head of Trading Technology and Analytics at BP, who serves as CEO, and Etienne Amic, former Head of European Energy at JP Morgan and Mercuria, who acts as Chairman, they have offices in London, Singapore and Houston.