US-Russia Sanctions Expand Risks in Shipping Industry

Baltimore’s Big Impact 24 Day Delay And More

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    “The adoption of Maritime AI technology in the logistics space will allow professionals to focus more on decision-making rather than spend time on data collection or assessment of problems machines can solve,” wrote Ami Daniel, Windward Co-founder and CEO, in a recent Forbes article. One of the biggest problems is freight reliability and delays, which are significantly impacting the entire supply chain and causing losses of up to $10B

    To help remedy this situation, Windward has announced a new AI capability integrated into our recently launched Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV) solution. Using deep learning technology, the solution fuses data from a multitude of independent sources to deliver accurate and reliable ETA predictions and real-time visibility into container and vessel journeys, providing Windward customers with the ability to plan according to ongoing changes and disruptions to the supply chain.

    The groundbreaking AI technology outperforms the carriers’ arrival estimations for two out of three containers traded across the globe and halves the number of ETAs assessments that are off by 5+ days.

    OFV increases control and reliability with real-time visibility on 99% of global shipments, outperforming the carriers up to 30 days before arrival of the container to the POD, leaving organizations with 50% less critical delays and 62% less false-positives.

    This new ETA predictive technology brings much needed clarity and confidence to better manage organizations’ shipments. Windward’s advanced behavioral models fuse multiple data sources, including data from more than: 

    • 120 carriers
    • +1,400 ports and terminals
    • 5,500 container vessels
    • Sailing schedules
    • Meteorological data
    • Location
    • AIS data

    The deep data pool and innovative models enable greater resiliency in the face of supply chain uncertainties.

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