6 Reasons Maritime AI™ Container Tracking is Important

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    As supply chains grow increasingly complex and disruptions continue to pop up, tracking containers has become an indispensable aspect of ensuring business efficiency. In this blog post, we’ll look at how container tracking works, and why a sophisticated tracking system is crucial. 

    Understanding Container Tracking: The Basics

    Container tracking refers to the system that allows shippers, consignees, and other stakeholders to determine the location and status of a shipping container. Every container has a unique identification number. This number is the primary reference used for tracking. Most modern shipping lines and freight forwarders provide online tracking tools on their websites. By entering the container number, or the bill of lading number, you can retrieve information about the container’s current status and location.

    Supply chain stakeholders have traditionally faced challenges in accurately tracking and monitoring the movement of containers across the ocean. It’s worth noting that while basic container tracking offers valuable information about the location and status of a container, it often lacks predictive analytics, real-time alerts, and deeper insights into potential disruptions, which more advanced AI solutions provide.

    The Solution? Windward’s Maritime AI™

    “Advanced Maritime AI™ technology uses deep learning and machine learning models that generate real-time ETA predictions for the entire global fleet of container vessels,” as explained in Windward’s container tracking guide “(Maritime AI™)continuously calculates congestion levels at all container ports, providing the most accurate container ETAs. With a Maritime AI™ solution, you can track your shipments in real-time and receive the most updated vessel information.” 

    Container tracking is not just about knowing where a shipment is: it’s about optimizing business operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ensuring the entire supply chain runs seamlessly and efficiently. 

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    6 Reasons Maritime AI™-Powered Container Tracking is Important

    Maritime AI™-powered container tracking represents an innovative fusion of traditional maritime practices with advanced AI technologies. Here’s a breakdown of how it works and why it’s important:

    1. Proactive decision-making: using machine learning and deep learning models, the system can process and analyze data in real time, providing predictive insights that can help make better and proactive decision-making. This helps predict future movements based on various factors, such as current ship speed, destination port, and potential obstacles and current trends, to forecast potential delays, port congestion, and even anticipate disruptions caused by weather conditions.
    1. Enhanced accuracy: AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to predict container locations and estimated times of arrival more accurately than traditional methods, reducing uncertainties in the supply chain.
    1. Plan effectively: filter out standard container movements and highlight any deviations/exceptions with exception management. Proactively address any potential issues, whether delays or other disruptions.
    1. Enhanced customer experience: with better tracking capabilities, businesses can keep their customers informed with accurate ETAs, boosting transparency and trust.
    1. Cost reduction: by predicting and effectively managing potential disruptions, companies can avoid demurrage and detention charges and other unplanned expenses.
    1. Continuous learning: the “learning” in machine learning is vital here. Over time, as the AI system processes more data and encounters more scenarios, it refines its algorithms to improve accuracy and reliability.

    In the intricate dance of global trade, container tracking is not just a luxury – it’s a necessity. The value goes far beyond merely locating a container – it’s about harnessing data-driven intelligence to preempt challenges, enhance customer trust, and optimize logistical operations. 

    As supply chains evolve and demand for real-time, accurate information heightens, solutions like Windward Ocean Freight Visibility will be indispensable in charting the course forward. It’s time to set sail with intelligence, precision, and the unmatched power of AI.

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