What is maritime AI?


What’s inside?

    The maritime risk technology landscape is crowded and complex. So how do you know which technologies are right for your operations? In this blog, we’ll cover the basics of maritime AI and why it matters.

    Maritime AI models are capable of independently assessing maritime events and predicting the risk associated with them. How? Maritime AI is the result of training models on thousands of data points from the maritime industry. For maritime AI technology to work, data is king. From AIS transmitters, radar signals, and imagery data, a multi-source data pool helps deliver a real-time view of what is happening at sea. But to go one step further, these data points go into generating ready-to-go insights for every vessel in the world fleet. Machine learning models factor everything from the vessel’s identity and history to its operational profile.

    Unlike other types of AI, domain expertise is not an afterthought. Instead, it is an intrinsic part of the training of the models. In an opaque industry, this goes a long way. For example, it is not always clear why a vessel slows down, drifts, or anchors in a particular port. As data volumes continue, maritime AI is helping organizations reduce the effort and cost involved in critical decision-making. 

    Irit Sella, a data scientist at Windward, works with our platform to investigate risk patterns, detect evolving trends, and improve our models. She explains what maritime AI means to her:

    Windward for maritime AI

    Maritime AI is nothing without a team of expert data scientists to refine and improve results. With years of maritime experience, our data scientists and analysts help create new rules, areas of investigation, and features. This is key to enhancing the ability of our proprietary models to account for the latest risk trends. For example, our platform was the first to detect GNSS manipulation. We’ve since followed with breaking risk trends – keeping our customers in the loop of the latest MOs.

    In this way, we predicate and mitigate any maritime risk that can hurt our customers’ business. We share these insights in a comprehensive risk profile, allowing stakeholders to easily differentiate between naive and suspicious entities. Our vision has always consisted of an extremely simple concept – discover what’s really happening at sea. That’s why since day one, we’ve invested in maritime AI to help our customers discover risk faster and more easily.

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