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Multi-Source Maritime AI for Trading and Shipping

Leveraging multiple data sources to accelerate smart trading decisions

With the lack of a single maritime source of truth and a backdrop of a rapidly increasing sanctions landscape, including a recent cap on the price of Russian oil, traders, shipowners, and charterers are struggling to find the silver lining between meeting regulatory requirements and growing their business.

With AIS being the primary source of information on the seas, and deceptive shipping practices becoming a cornerstone of due diligence requirements, a multi-source environment is crucial to complete deep screening processes and make smarter, and faster business decisions.

Leveraging multiple data sources to accelerate smart trading decisions

One platform, 2x the ROI

Windward’s partnership with the market leader for optical images, Planet Labs, enables users to:

  • Complete a 360° risk picture
  • Quickly make confident, AI-based business decisions with 75% less false positives (than whom?)
  • Know who you are doing business with by doing holistic due diligence and screening processes 
  • Clear escalated cases at the click of a button, saving hours and days of back-and-forth investigations

The $90M case study

In August 2020, a leading trader had a couple of hours to approve a $100M oil deal sourced by the oil trading desk. The market was scarce for the requested laycan, and the freight desk was left with one practical choice for this trade. However, the 274m long VLCC proposed by the broker to transport the oil appeared as a high-risk vessel in their internal systems due to a lost AIS event of 18 hours near Iran. 

To make a quick go/no-go decision, they turned to the Windward AI platform and used its multi-source capabilities to fully understand the vessel’s behavior. With the click of a button, the trading team was able to overlay live imagery and saw the vessel was where it was transmitting from – immediately clearing it for business. The audit report – including the visual proof –was saved in the appropriate audit folders for future reference. 

Windward enables the quick clearance of non-transmitting vessels and ‘dark’ activities, and enables the correlation of multiple sources to complete due diligence and screening processes as quickly and accurately as possible, ensuring you don’t lose deals on false positives.

The vessels dark activity in Iran on August 11th 2
The vessel on satellite near the point of the lost AIS event during the dark activity time frame

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