Case Studies

European Shipowner Lacking Fleet Visibility Loses Money & Credibility

Covid-19…geopolitical conflicts…climate disruption…constantly changing regulations, sanctions, and trade bans…

Stakeholders across the maritime ecosystem are struggling to stay up to date with the constant changes  and keep their businesses growing.

To stay ahead of future disruptions and evolving risks, major energy, oil, and chartering companies integrated advanced, AI insights to have better visibility into their maritime operations and optimize their risk management workflows. 

Shipowners and other shipping players that haven’t yet adjusted accordingly are currently in the dark regarding exactly what the vessels in their fleet are doing and where they are doing it.

This exposes them to potential sanctions penalties, reputational and business damage, and lost opportunities.

The Challenge: Opacity of Suspicious Ship-to-Ship Meeting Sinks Deal

A European shipowner with a mid-size fleet was in ongoing negotiations with a leading oil and gas company to charter one of its ships. The oil company was using Windward’s advanced Maritime AI™ platform for screening potential vessels, which flagged a suspicious ship-to-ship meeting the vessel in question engaged in. 

The deal was rejected and perhaps worse, the energy major understood that the European shipowner does not possess full visibility into its own fleet, which negatively impacts potential future deals! 

The oil major shared the vessel profile with the risk indicator and an explanation of the suspicious behavior – an event the shipowner had no visibility into with its legacy screening solution.

To gain back control of its fleet and maximize visibility for credibility with potential business partners, the shipowner must upgrade its sanctions compliance process.

Screenshot from Windward's system

The Solution for Shipowners

Windward Maritime AI™ leverages proprietary AI-models and deep maritime expertise, to deliver actionable insights and real-time risk recommendations for every vessel, company, cargo and area at sea.

By integrating Windward’s insights, shipowners gain access to fused and indexed data from multiple sources to better monitor their fleet’s behavior, optimize risk management, and grow their business with confidence. 

By being proactive about monitoring their fleets, shipowners can gain and then maintain a credible reputation and competitive advantage, while increasing the amount of chartering deals they can secure. 

Vessel profile

Business Benefits for Shipowners

  • Leverage AI-driven, patented insights on past behavioral patterns, origin of cargo, location (GNSS) manipulation, and ship-to-ship (STS) meetings to clear more business and closely monitor your fleet
  • Balance between business growth and risk thresholds with Organization Defined Risk – the industry’s first fully configurable risk type
  • Easily demonstrate compliance to potential business partners and close deals faster
  • Gain real-time visibility on dry bulk and container shipments, with dynamic route tracking, including destinations, reasons for delay, milestones, and exception management insights

Don’t Leave Money on the Table