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How Can You Use AI to Manage Your Ocean Supply Chain During the Red Sea Crisis?

2024 has begun with tremendous challenges for the global supply chain, as the ongoing Red Sea crisis and the Panama Canal drought continue to escalate, impacting multiple key stakeholders. In this episode of Supply Chain Now, hosts Scott Luton and Kevin L. Jackson welcomed Windward’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ami Daniel, for an in-depth exploration of the current technology-driven supply chain landscape.

Tune in and discover:

  1. How the transformative roles of AI and digitalization, including the use of Gen AI, can effectively manage ocean supply chains, even during these uncertain times
  2. Why Windward’s platform goes beyond standard visibility solutions, enabling its customers to manage by exception for efficient disruption management in the ocean logistics space
  3. Practical applications of AI for streamlined logistics management for navigating unpredictable hurdles

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