Many risks, multiple sources, one AI platform

A holistic risk view to detect, identify and monitor illicit behaviors

Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness and risk coverage with a platform-centric, vendor-agnostic approach


Detect non-transmitting vessels and dark activities


Investigate operations and track areas over time to assess changes to coastlines, ports, and open waters


Overlay satellite imagery on a map with vessel positions and an activities layer, and align timestamps

Extend visibility with on-demand SAR

SAR multi source

Extend your visibility and overcome cloudy areas and nighttime with on-demand SAR images for pre-defined areas, with selected resolutions to revisit the area – for specific customer requests.
Image source: Iceye

Integrated delivery of daily global optical images

Optical imagery

Seamless, integrated delivery of daily global optical images with a resolution of 3m per pixel, without tasking requirements. To add context to past investigations, a historical library dating back to 2021 is also available.
Image source: Planet Labs

Extend visibility with on-demand SAR

Integrated delivery of daily global optical images

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In addition to our ongoing efforts against AML, new sanctions advisories by OFAC and OFSI have made an already complex ecosystem even more difficult to navigate. To meet regulatory expectations, we are enhancing our efforts to improve business operations, reduce risk, and improve compliance across maritime financial trade using Windward’s AI solution.

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We have partnered with Windward for a number of years, collaborating closely to develop and expand (the business with) their advanced technology, in order to build a robust and dynamic international sanctions risk approach and implement specific compliance controls for the product phases.

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Windward is an essential partner in our fight against drug smuggling and always provides the right support when needed.

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As maritime trade becomes increasingly complex to navigate, our partnership with Windward enables us to meet regulatory expectations and enhances our efforts to improve business operations, reduce risk, and improve compliance across maritime financial trade.

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Supporting our multiple clients, with varied roles and responsibilities, has only been possible because of the unwavering support by Windward. Our efforts to provide actionable insights in the ever-changing scenario is possible only because of the “on time, every time” commitment of Windward.

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Windward enabled us to strengthen our screening environment with in-depth behavioral risk analysis and the tool has enhanced several investigations at our bank.

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Windward is a valuable source of intelligence for the Panel’s investigations concerning maritime sanctions and North Korea.

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