Generate Business Intelligence Insights with Maritime AI™

Bunker traders, shipowners, financial institutions, and insurers can make smarter decisions, unlock new business opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition with Windward’s:

  • AI-driven models
  • API technology
  • Flexible search functionalities

Unlock New Business with Integrated Maritime AI™ Insights

Choose the exact insights you need from our extensive API Insights Catalog to generate new business intelligence, discover new opportunities, and grow your business:


Trading Insight APIs

discover trading anomalies, build your own trade and risk models and create advanced search queries for Windward activities

information from other vessels

Ports APIs

identify which ports to visit and when


Bunkering APIs

track incoming vessels to your ports and areas of interest, find new bunkering hot spots, and monitor competitive/lost business vessels

Full compliance evaluation

Vessel Flows & Activities APIs

receive insights on cargo flows and vessel balance

Spot incoming business

Obtain Visibility on Incoming Business Leads

Define customized queries and automated alerts for new business opportunities before they approach your ports and areas of interest, including: Vessels owned by companies you worked with in the past Vessels under fixed term deals Vessels new to the area and/or visiting there for the first time
Obtain Visibility on Incoming Business Leads
Explore market share

Deep-Dive into the Competitive Landscape

Analyze ports of operations and areas of interest with AI-driven insights to better understand your competitive landscape, with alerts and details on: Company-specific meetings Lost-business vessels approaching your area Duration, location and meeting stakeholders for every relevant bunkering operation
Deep Dive into the Competitive Landscape
Identify hot spots

Monitor trading patterns and integrate data to build your own trade models. Easily identify new bunkering global hotspots through: Cargo flows and vessel balance Trading anomalies identification Movement monitoring to and from ports and areas of interest
Grow your Business Potential by Identifying Global Trends

How Maritime AI™ Drives Business Growth

Windward Maritime AI™ combines accurate data and unmatched contextual visibility to deliver industry-best business insights into the maritime domain:

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Trading patterns monitoring

with quick identification of new global bunkering hot spots

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Operational asset prioritization

by analyzing trends in types and volume of vessels, and locations to and from ports of interest

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Smart strategic planning

with flexible search capabilities to find exactly what your organization is looking for, in the most relevant areas and timeframes

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Sanctions compliance risk protection

with insights on past behavioral patterns, origin of cargo, and go/no-go risk recommendations
(*Available through an additional risk package)

How Would You Like Your Maritime AI™ Insights?

Online Application

Online Application

Flag and investigate high-risk vessels in real-time

Reporting services

Reporting services

Decision-ready and customized alerts delivered to your inbox



Integrate Windward’s insights and recommendations directly into your systems

Leading organizations choose Windward

Best in Class Solution

Windward stood out as the clear best in class solution to provide us with a thorough and accurate view of maritime risk. Their advanced technology, comprehensive data coverage, and robust analytics capabilities empower our risk functions to make prudent, accurate decisions to rapidly support our global commercial teams.

Improve Business Operations

In addition to our ongoing efforts against AML, new sanctions advisories by OFAC and OFSI have made an already complex ecosystem even more difficult to navigate. To meet regulatory expectations, we are enhancing our efforts to improve business operations, reduce risk, and improve compliance across maritime financial trade using Windward’s AI solution.

Close Collaboration

We have partnered with Windward for a number of years, collaborating closely to develop and expand (the business with) their advanced technology, in order to build a robust and dynamic international sanctions risk approach and implement specific compliance controls for the product phases.

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