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From AI to Action: Advanced Workflows for Smarter Risk Management.

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Trade Finance Precision: Streamlining Compliance and Efficiency with Maritime AI™

Redefine trade finance in the global maritime sector with a sophisticated risk-based approach and the power of Maritime AI™.

Leverage advanced AI-based models to navigate international trade’s complexities with unprecedented visibility up to the container-level, to ensure the trustworthiness of counterparties and minimize risks. You can dramatically reduce the time and resources spent on KYC, customer-risk profiling, sanctions screening, and the identification of deceptive shipping practices (DSPs) for all lines of defense.

  • Accurate, bottomline risk recommendations: clear more business opportunities with 75% fewer false positives than industry standard and independent risk recommendations, based on industry-best behavioral analysis
  • Optimized voyage visibility: gain real-time visibility with dynamic route tracking, including destinations, reasons for delay, milestones, and exception management insights
  • Complete counterparty due diligence: access behavioral and risk insights for all maritime and non-maritime entities, paired with independent, high-quality ownership data
  • Patented deceptive shipping practices identification: leverage AI-driven, patented insights on past behavioral patterns, origin of cargo, location (GNSS) manipulation, and ship-to-ship (STS) engagements
for regulator-aligned vessel screening

Maritime AI™ Solutions for All Your Needs

Entity-matching & BoL verification:

  • Match vessel names to voyages, with flexible search to overcome missing detail
  • Go beyond vessel names to verify trade details, like PoD/PoL and origin of cargo
  • Verify BoLs to identify false documentation


Vessel details

Risk-based screening and investigation:

  • Full sanctions screening, trade compliance, and in-depth case escalations
  • Patent-pending, automatic detection of deceptive shipping practices, aligned with global regulatorsPersonalized, bottomline risk recommendations for proactive, real-time risk mitigation for onboarding new customers and ongoing KYC processes 
Risk-based screening

Post-transaction monitoring:

  • Gain visibility into all voyage milestones, including all reasons for delay
  • Plan and manage payments collection with Maritime AI™ ETA Prediction
  • Audit past voyages to prove compliance and clear disputes
Route deviation

Optimized Workflows

Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with existing software solutions, including trade, commodity, and OCR platforms, for streamlined data exchanges and workflow automation. With AI-driven insights integrated directly into existing systems and screens, conduct in-depth investigations, validate vessels and BOLs, and present compelling compliance narratives for alignment across your organization.