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Leading SCM Company Ligentia Chooses Windward to Improve Operations & Enhance Visibility

Logistics companies need reliable data, due to massive global disruptions that seem to have become the new normal. First, it was the Russia-Ukraine war and its accompanying sanctions, then the Panama Canal drought, and later the Houthi disruptions (while Russia’s war continued). 

Despite the earlier lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, each of these challenges presents its own unique characteristics, making the work of decision-makers and operators more challenging.

The latest spate of ocean freight disruptions, largely stemming from the decision to cease merchant shipping in the Red Sea following merchant ship attacks by Houthi Rebels, posed a major challenge for Ligentia, a leading global supply chain management company.

About Ligentia

Ligentia is a leading global supply chain solutions provider with 28 years’ experience delivering more sustainable and agile supply chains. Its customers include some of the world’s most sophisticated retailers and best-known brands in manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Ligentia leverages a powerful combination of deep industry knowledge and innovative technology to transform your supply chain. Their team of seasoned professionals collaborates closely with customers to understand their unique business goals. By drawing on Ligentia’s extensive experience and global network, they identify optimization opportunities throughout your supply chain. Ligentia then implements data-driven strategies that enhance efficiency and visibility. This empowers you to proactively manage disruptions, make informed decisions, and ultimately, deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The global supply chain landscape is constantly evolving, and recent disruptions have significantly impacted carrier performance. According to the company, transit times ballooned from an average of 34 days to 46 days between October 2023 and March 2024. During the same period, on-time reliability plummeted from 44% to a mere 10%.

The Retail Customer Challenge

Ligentia’s customers are also facing big challenges, as this retail example highlights. The frequent changes in the arrival times of shipments cause planning difficulties and misaligned store inventories with actual delivery schedules, leading to stockouts and overstock situations.

Meanwhile, delays in transshipments and unclear status updates create uncertainty across the supply chain operations.

As a result, stores across Europe face inconsistent stock levels, affecting sales and customer satisfaction. Internal communication issues arise as different teams receive conflicting information about shipment statuses.

Predictably, the financial impact has been significant. The increased reliance on air freight to fill urgent stock gaps has raised transportation costs, in addition to lost sales opportunities due to unavailable products.

The Way Forward? Significant Increases in Accuracy

Ligentia was seeking to enhance its Ligentix supply chain portal. Windward showed the value we bring in concrete terms: 

  • Demonstrated a 39% increase in accuracy over the carrier ETA 
  • Showed a 70% rise in 24-hour accuracy compared to the carriers, illustrating how Windward’s model is continuously improving
  • Exhibited a 109% increase in accuracy over the carriers for predictions made 10 days out from arrival

Data Drives Decision-Making for Ligentia

Ligentia chose to integrate Windward’s technology to realize greater operational efficiency and serve their customers’ evolving needs. Our Ocean Freight Visibility solution is now integrated within the Ligentix supply chain portal, providing a real-time understanding of vessel schedules and arrivals, deviations and risks. 

This empowers  teams and customers to manage by exception. Ligentia and its customers have more accurate information to make business critical supply chain decisions and adapt to critical events.

Chief Technology Officer at Ligentia, Anthony Plummer said, “At Ligentia, one of our primary areas of focus is delivering innovative solutions that will enable our customers to be more successful, and the Windward partnership is the latest example of this. Data is indicating that only one in ten container ships is arriving on time right now and as we approach peak season, predicting the arrival of shipments is a major challenge. Integrating Windward Maritime AI™ into Ligentix will provide Ligentia teams and our customers access to reliable, real-time data, but also tools that will enable enhanced decision-making leveraging predictive insights to better mitigate supply chain risk and achieve improved business performance.”

Don’t Take Our Word For It

The poor visibility and unpredictable ETAs can be remedied. Don’t just take our word for it, hear from our customer at Gartner®’s Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™.

Windward Case Study – The Role of Maritime AI™ in Transforming Data into Business Growth:

  • Tuesday, June 11, 2024
  • 11:00 AM-11:30 AM CEST
  • Room 118

Featuring Anthony Plummer, CTO at Ligentia, and Ami Daniel, Windward’s Co-Founder & CEO. And stop by booth 430 to chat with our team and explore how we can help transform your supply chain operations.


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