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Times of Arrival – from Estimated to Predicted

With so many factors influencing container voyages, it is almost a miracle when a container arrives on time. In most cases, although striving to do their best, the numerous parties involved in the end-to-end shipment are forced to play along with what has become an ETA guessing game. By using a combination of domain expertise and technological savvy, you can escape this cycle.

Windward’s webinar, “Times of Arrival – from Estimated to Predicted,” featured four leading maritime/AI experts offering actionable insights and best practices.

Discussion topics included:

  • Why container shipping ETAs are critical
  • Which factors matter when calculating ETAs
  • AI’s tremendous impact on ETA predictions


  • Bjorn Vang Jensen, VP Advisory, Sea-Intelligence
  • Judah Levine, Research Lead, The Freightos Group
  • Dani Daniel, Artificial Intelligence Expert 
  • Joe Peak, Commercial Director, Windward 

End the ETA Guessing Game!