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Beyond the sea: investigate more than maritime CDD

Shipping companies and other maritime ecosystem players cannot plead ignorance. Post-invasion, you are expected to know exactly who you are doing business with, despite the complexities involved, and this includes counterparties on the periphery. Organizations caught collaborating with sanctioned entities risk severe reputational damage, loss of revenue, and regulatory enforcement actions.

Windward’s webinar, “Beyond the sea: Investigating more than maritime CDD,” feature three leading maritime experts offering counterparty due diligence (CDD) actionable insights and best practices for taking investigations beyond maritime.

Discussion topics included:

  • Defining and examining the risks of ignoring non-maritime CDD
  • Highlighting how to streamline CDD, without losing an overall view
  • Providing best practices and actionable insights


  • Siar Khoreishi, Business Development Manager, EMEA Channels, LexisNexis
  • Greg Pinn, Director of Data Strategy & Partnerships, Windward
  • Julian Clark, Senior Partner, Ince
  • Hila Sasson, Moderator Product Marketing Manager, Windward

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