Sharing is Caring for a Smoother Supply Chain

Baltimore’s Big Impact 24 Day Delay And More

What’s inside?

    It was one of those potential black swan events that immediately concerned freight forwarders, importers, exporters and many others in the supply chain/logistics sphere. How would the historic drought in the Panama Canal region and the accompanying limit on vessel passage affect ocean freight and the global supply chain?

    The event is still unfolding so it’s difficult to quantify the eventual impact, but when significant events occur, advanced container tracking assumes increased importance – although it’s of course also critical during business-as-usual as well. This latest incident reinforced a lesson that has been learned again and again – tracking is merely table stakes. 

    What good is it to know what is happening, or what may happen, if you can’t quickly and easily share information and collaborate during fluid situations? ACTIONABLE ocean freight visibility is critical. 

    Supply chain/logistics personnel are tired of constantly juggling communication channels and drowning in a sea of emails and manual work to keep their container’s stakeholders updated on cargo status. 

    • Externally, customers want a single source of truth and the quickest, fastest, and most effective way of understanding the full picture regarding individual containers and their updated ETAs
    • Internally, personnel need to be able to maintain agility by sharing information, to quickly coordinate and strategize

    The Solution? Windward’s Shareable Shipment Page! 

    As part of our mission to streamline supply chain operations and help our customers provide top-notch customer service while reducing operational costs, Windward has launched a new shareable shipment page.

    The new page enables easy sharing of a real-time view of a single container, with automated tracking for both users and non-users. This streamlines the tracking process for customers, shippers, consignees, and other key stakeholders, seamlessly creating a single source of truth. The page can be shared as a link, or embedded into any external or internal portal.

    The shareable shipment page includes:

    1. Real-time shipment tracking: ensure everyone remains informed with a shareable link detailing the current status of cargo
    2. Detailed shipment information:
      • Container details – number, bill of lading (BOL), booking reference, and more
      • Vessel details – name, IMO, voyage number, and the last updated location
      • Transport plan details, Maritime AI Predicted ETA, and the latest carrier ETA
      • Updated location on map, reflecting every data fetch or status change
      • Exception alerts, container milestones, and any associated delays accompanied by their reasons

    Sharing is Caring

    How does this new capability benefit freight forwarders, importers, and exporters? 

    It will result in superior customer relations. A big part of the job for freight forwarders is obviously improving the flow of information between the carriers and customers. And importers and exporters have an insatiable appetite for regular, updated information about their containers. 

    The shareable shipment page will empower personnel to supply clients and partners with real-time shipment updates, laying the foundation for more robust service relationships. 

    The shareable link will include exception alerts, empowering logistic personnel to concentrate on their core business and efficiently handle vast operations. 

    The ability to instantly share will also improve workflow management, with everyone throughout the organization possessing a holistic and updated picture of what is happening and where their attention is required. There is also far less hassle – a Windward customer simply shares the link once with their stakeholders, who can then log in whenever they wish to access all the data they need.

    Perhaps most importantly, freight forwarders, importers and exporters can reap these benefits while saving time. Windward’s shareable shipment page can be embedded directly into existing visibility platforms via API, eliminating additional development time and preventing the need to toggle back and forth between multiple systems.  

    Don’t wait for the next inevitable ocean freight supply chain crisis, upgrade your capabilities now. 

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