Exception Management

Don’t Drown in Maritime Data – Streamline Your Logistics Operations with Exception Management

In logistics and supply chain management, shipment tracking has become crucial to business operations. Businesses can track their shipments, monitor their delivery statuses, and ensure that they arrive at intended destinations on time. Managing a large volume of shipments can be overwhelming, especially if you manually sift through thousands of containers to identify the ones needing extra attention. 

This is where a Maritime AI™ solution that leverages exception management comes in. It filters all your shipments and identifies those that are significantly or critically late, or early (which can also negatively impact your organization). You can then take appropriate action to mitigate any potential issues. For example, let’s say you are tracking 3,000 shipments, but only 100 are critically delayed or early, and all the rest are on time or not an issue. With exception management, you’d be empowered with updates or notifications for only these 100 shipments – the critical exceptions.

Benefits of a Maritime AI™ Solution Enabling Exception Management

  • Prioritization – operators can prioritize and ensure they deal with shipments needing immediate attention. 
  • Customizable exceptions – decide how to define a late shipment and only get notified for those specific shipment exceptions. Meaning you can choose what you want to be alerted about.  
  • Filtering by reasons for delay – you can filter for all delayed shipments, whether it’s a transshipment delay, rollover, or late departure, etc. 
  • Filtering by arrival – for those shipments that are expected to arrive soon, filtering by arrival allows you to see only the ones that need urgent attention. 
  • Know when something isn’t going to plan – when there is a shipment that you expect will leave on a certain day, and by the end of that day you didn’t receive a notification about it leaving the POL (ATD), you will know that something is wrong with the shipment. This allows you to find out what went wrong and take immediate action. 
  • Customizable APIs – another way to manage by exception is by customizing the API alerts, which are fed directly into your existing workflows based on your own definition of shipments that require attention. 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – by identifying critical or significant delays and taking appropriate actions, you can ensure that your customers are informed and updated , increasing trust and loyalty. This will ultimately result in a better customer experience and improved business performance.

With the ever-increasing demand for efficient and agile logistics operations, implementing a Maritime AI™ solution like Windward Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV) is necessary for success in the supply chain management industry. There are various features that can assist in streamlining your logistics operations, for example a daily email report. This makes it possible for you to stay updated on the statuses of all your tracked shipments automatically, by easily syncing your TMS/ERP to OFV and getting actionable insights daily. See where your shipments are stuck – for example, at the transshipment port – allowing you to take immediate action by calling the carrier and ensuring the container gets on the next vessel – minimizing the impact of any oversights.

In today’s fast-paced maritime landscape, having a comprehensive logistics strategy that includes real-time shipment tracking and exception management can be a game-changer for your businesses.

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