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What’s inside?

    There is one aspect of Windward’s Maritime AI™ that often surprises people encountering it for the first time (hint: it involves API Insights Lab). But before we get to that, let’s start with a few words about different scenarios and the main value proposition they convey.

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    Different Scenarios 

    Windward offers a wide range of solutions for the maritime ecosystem. A few common scenarios (there are many more) include: 

    Container tracking/ocean freight visibility – shows how our platform empowers freight forwarders, importers, exporters, and others with exception management and decision support for container tracking. They proactively receive information about impending delays, including reasons for delay, to improve customer satisfaction and strategic planning. 

    Smuggling – coast guards worldwide are on the lookout for illegal goods being smuggled via ships. This scenario zooms in on problematic vessels (service vessels, for instance, are small and often used for drug smuggling, while tug boats don’t usually go on lengthy international voyages). 

    IUU fishing – local authorities in Vietnam recently cracked down on IUU fishing following recommendations from the European Commission, but there’s no need to wait for tips to stop vessels that are often staffed by forced labor. Windward can illustrate how vessel type, dark activity, length of time without calling port, etc., are all determining factors for IUU fishing. 

    Major Value Proposition of Maritime AI™

    Across the different scenarios, the sheer magnitude of insights that organizations throughout the maritime ecosystem must contend with quickly becomes apparent. For instance, we can consider organizations operating in the Southeast Pacific, an area that is vulnerable to IUU fishing.

    Figure 2 Chinese fishing vessels conducted operations in the Pacific in and around Chinas EEZ on April 3 2022 1024x605 1
    Chinese fishing vessels conducted operations in the Pacific, in and around China’s EEZ

    Organizationsdon’t have the resources or time to evaluate all of these vessels and know how long they’ve been at sea, which ones to take a closer look at, etc. Predictive models and analytics automate the process of finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. With Windward’s platform, users can investigate the entire IUU fishing supply and track long-distance fishing fleets’ behaviors in fishing “hot zones” worldwide. Identify vessels used as tools for maintaining presence regardless of seasonal limitations, asserting power, and enabling geopolitical expansion.

    The Ease of Combining AI and API

    Seeing the sheer magnitude of data that must be handled and how it’s necessary to go far beyond dark activity, another question quickly arises during demos and PoCs: 

    “This is helpful, but we already have a system. Can we easily integrate your insights into our on-premise (or third party) system?”

    Participants are surprised when they learn they can use our API Insights Lab to integrate our insights into their workflows, without knowing how to code. The GraphQL technology simplifies the process and connects the dots. 

    Using GraphQL, users can search for vessels by MMSI or IMO, and view the risk profiles of these selected vessels. The reason there is no reason to know how to code is that users can choose from a subset of queries built into the system. These preset queries have been determined by our maritime experts. With a few clicks, users can also get information on the vessel’s flag, class, etc. 

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