Best Practices for Successful Container Tracking in International Trade

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    Maritime AI™ technology is revolutionizing container tracking by enabling real-time analytics and predictive decision-making. But the way in which you deploy your container tracking technology may be equally important as the technology itself…  

    This blog post explains how Maritime AI™ container tracking is an essential tool, but API integration can boost it into becoming a game-changer.

    Maritime AI™ Technology and Its Role in Container Tracking

    Container tracking” has many meanings and applications across the logistics/supply chain industry, often depending on which person or organization you speak with. Container tracking uses technology to monitor the location and status of shipping containers throughout their journey, from the port of loading to the port of discharge. 

    It can refer to rudimentary, manual efforts to track containers, and go all the way up to a comprehensive, AI-powered solution for shippers and freight forwarders to track and monitor their shipments as they move through the supply chain.

    An AI-powered solution, for example, Maritime AI™-powered container tracking, uses deep learning and machine learning models that generate real-time ETA predictions for the entire global fleet of container vessels. It continuously calculates congestion levels at all container ports, providing the most accurate container ETAs. With a Maritime AI™ solution, you can track your shipments in real-time and receive the most updated vessel information.

    Avoid Detention and Demurrage Charges 

    One of the most significant benefits of integrating Maritime AI™ technology into your container tracking strategy is the ability to avoid costly detention and demurrage charges. These fees accrue when containers sit idle at a port beyond the allowed free time, often due to various unexpected delays or logistical inefficiencies. 

    Advanced container tracking technology can process and analyze real-time data from multiple sources, such as port schedules, weather forecasts, and traffic conditions. By doing so, it can predict potential bottlenecks and delays before they happen, giving businesses the chance to make informed decisions on rerouting or rescheduling shipments. This proactive approach minimizes the time containers spend idling at ports, effectively helping to dodge the hefty fees associated with detention and demurrage. 

    Utilize API Integration

    API integration has emerged as a game-changer in the world of container tracking. Windward Ocean Freight Visibility offers robust API integration that allow you to amalgamate tracking data directly into your existing systems. What does this mean for you? A seamless flow of real-time information that significantly enhances operational efficiency.

    By adopting API integration, you no longer need to manually check multiple platforms to stay informed. You’ll not only streamline your container tracking processes but also free up valuable time and resources for other critical business operations. 

    Track your ocean container shipments from departure to arrival, without ever having to toggle between different platforms. You’ll receive real-time updates not just on the live location of your containers, but also on their estimated time of arrival and predicted risk of delay. This comprehensive information will be available to you throughout the containers’ entire journey.


    Transform Your Container Tracking with Maritime AI™ 

    Maritime AI™ technology offers a more dynamic, secure, and efficient approach to container tracking, making it an invaluable asset. It provides a layer of agility and responsiveness, enabling you to stay ahead in the highly competitive realm of international trade. With the right practices and technologies, as well as deployment methodology, container tracking can easily go from being a logistical headache to a strategic advantage.

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