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    We’ve all seen terms like “advanced analytics” or “entity resolution” but what do these features really mean for your business? It’s not uncommon to come across a long list of “differentiators,” usually in the form of buzzword tech features that sound attractive but don’t always show in results. This is why at Windward, we care about transparency and explain to our customers and prospects exactly what our capabilities are and what they mean.

    When you can see everything from the exact duration and location of dark activity to real-time container tracking, you can identify risky events as they occur and meet regulatory expectations more readily. What’s more, you can support safe exit management and prevent onboarding new business with exposure to maritime risk.

    Bad actors are increasingly trying to find new ways to exploit the shipping and trade industry. For example, for sanctions on crude oil manufactured in Iran or Venezuela – as long as there’s a margin between selling price to cost of sale, bad actors will always find this business as beneficial. That’s why we invest in data science, research, and development to constantly detect and alert on the latest risk trends.

    Windward had a big year for product development. We listened to the needs of our users and responded with more data sources, stronger risk tools, and more coverage. As a result, we rolled out a number of new features in 2021 that don’t only set us apart from the market but meet the sophisticated needs of our customers.

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