People trafficking

Europe threat map

From Brexit, to refugees, to spillovers from the Syrian and Libyan civil wars – there’s plenty to keep Europeans up at night. And these are just the things we can see. What about the stuff we can’t?

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The second edition of our European Threat Map reveals some of the anomalies found when applying AI-driven, behavioral analysis to vessels, enabling organizations – such as Frontex and Italy’s Guardia di Finanza – to anticipate threats, and stay ahead of their adversaries.

Amid the drug smuggling, human trafficking and sanctions evasion detected, there are a number of key findings, including:

  1. The Black Sea is significantly riskier than the Mediterranean; there are about three times as many “risky” vessels visiting the Black Sea vs the Med.
  2. Despite EU sanctions on Syria and Crimea, commercial shipping activities continue to take place in the waters around these territories, indicating probable sanction evasions.
  3. In Europe, Guernsey and Romania have the highest proportion of incorporated companies whose vessels display “risky” behavioral patterns.
  4. Over the previous year, 42 vessels displayed patterns of behavior similar to ships caught with drugs on board.

Europe Threat Map

Stay tuned for threat maps for other parts of the world. For now, stay safe!

Download a PDF of the map