Environmental risk management

Streamline environmental risk management with predictive intelligence and behavioral insights

Data for Decarbonization Program

Maritime decarbonization is an ecosystem-wide challenge that requires a cross-industry collaboration and dynamic technological solutions to reach 2050 net-zero goals. Windward’s D4D Program brings together shipping expertise, dynamic data, and best-in-class maritime AI insights to build solutions for a greener future.

By collecting, fusing, and analyzing the right data, Windward’s CO2 emissions management tool will enable shipping stakeholders to validate and audit their current reports, benchmark their portfolios, and optimize shipping and chartering decisions.

Carbon emissions

Oil spill monitoring

Protect national resources and proactively identify vessels at high-risk of potential ecological damages and illicit activities in your EEZ and surrounding waters.

Oil spill

IUU fishing investigation

Investigate suspicious reefer behaviors associated with illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU Fishing) to protect your EEZ, national waters, and protect the health of the marine ecosystem.

IUU Fishing

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