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Ligentia Integrates Windward’s Maritime AI Solution to Improve Operations and Enhance Ocean Freight Visibility

Ligentia’s customers will benefit from real-time ocean freight data, enhanced visibility and the tools to manage by exception, optimise decision-making, and maximise on-time performance.

LONDON, May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ligentia, a leading global supply chain management company, has partnered with Windward (LSE: WNWD), the leading Maritime AI™ company, to realise greater operational efficiency. Windward’s Ocean Freight Visibility solution will now be integrated within the Ligentix supply chain portal, providing a real-time understanding of vessel schedules and arrivals, deviations and risks, empowering teams and customers to manage by exception. The partnership means that Ligentia and its customers will have more accurate information to make business critical supply chain decisions and adapt to critical events.

Recent disruption highlights the need for reliable data

The latest spate of ocean freight disruptions, largely stemming from the decision to cease merchant shipping in the Red Sea following merchant ship attacks by Houthi Rebels, have once again highlighted the need for reliable data. Between October and March, carrier transit times ballooned from an average of 34 days to 46 days, and over the same period on-time reliability has plummeted from 44% down to a mere 10%. 

The integration of Windward’s AI-powered solution into the Ligentix Supply Chain Platform will provide Ligentia and its customers with a clear understanding of notable milestones and delays, including late departures and late or missed transshipments empowering them to manage by exception and react to extraordinary events. Ligentia will also be able to access Windward’s data and insights to more accurately analyse carrier performance and optimise their planning accordingly.

Chief Technology Officer at Ligentia, Anthony Plummer says, “At Ligentia, one of our primary areas of focus is delivering innovative solutions that will enable our customers to be more successful, and the Windward partnership is the latest example of this.  Data is indicating that only one in ten container ships is arriving on time right now and as we approach peak season, predicting the arrival of shipments is a major challenge. Integrating Windward Maritime AI™ into Ligentix will provide Ligentia teams and our customers access to reliable, real-time data, but also tools that will enable enhanced decision-making leveraging predictive insights to better mitigate supply chain risk and achieve improved business performance.”

“In a period of unprecedented delays and uncertainty, we are proud to provide Ligentia and their customers with our game-changing Maritime AI Insights,” said Ami Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of Windward. “This integration is a reflection of Windward’s commitment to excellence and enabling partners like Ligentia to drive innovation. AI adoption is the necessary next step to provide stakeholders with reliable data and insights so they can streamline operations and achieve greater business success more efficiently.”

Windward and Ligentia will be at the upcoming Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo in Barcelona, Spain, on June 10-12 to discuss the critical role of data in overcoming unique freight logistics challenges. Don’t miss the session on June 11 at 11am CEST.

About Ligentia

Ligentia is a leading global supply chain solutions provider with 28 years’ experience delivering more sustainable and agile supply chains. Our customers include some of the world’s most sophisticated retailers and best-known brands in manufacturing, healthcare and consumer goods. With teams located across Asia, Oceania, North America and Europe, our people are supply chain experts and problem solvers, providing world-class sector and regional expertise backed by smart technology to help make supply chains more resilient.

For more information, visit https://ligentia.com

About Windward

Windward (LSE:WNWD), is the leading Maritime AI™ company, providing an all-in-one platform to accelerate global trade. Windward’s AI-powered decision support and exception management platform offers a 360° view of the maritime ecosystem and enables stakeholders to make real time, predictive intelligence-driven decisions to achieve business and operational readiness.

Windward’s Maritime AI supports companies across industries. The company’s clients range from oil supermajors, freight forwarders, and port authorities, to banks, shippers, insurers, and governmental organizations.

For more information, visit: https://windward.ai/

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