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Windward is Available via the AWS Marketplace!

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace is a digital catalog enabling users to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and service providers.

This technology can help users construct solutions and run their businesses profitably.

If your organization has an AWS account, Windward’s Maritime AI™ insights are available via the for supply chain and logistics, trading and shipping, and government and public sector.


Why Buy Windward via AWS Marketplace?

  • Save money with AWS credits: most cloud-using businesses are in an enterprise discount program (EDP), which includes *marketplace purchases in their overall commitment. This helps them manage spending based on actual needs.
  • Save time with faster procurement & onboarding: acquiring solutions from the AWS marketplace enables faster onboarding, billing, and contracting via the customer AWS cloud agreement, with billing in minutes.
  • Easily customize the offer with tailored plans and agreements: Windward’s Maritime AI™ offers enterprise customers a tailored offering based on multiple modules, APIs, products, and capabilities. Customers can quickly receive a tailored to their needs and T&Cs.


*This is true for existing customers who would like
to renew via the marketplace, as well as new customers
who prefer to sign up via AWS.