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From AI to Action: Advanced Workflows for Smarter Risk Management.

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Generative AI (Gen AI)

What is Generative AI (Gen AI)?

Generative AI (Gen AI) is an advanced type of artificial intelligence (AI) that creates new content, such as text, images, or music, by learning patterns from existing data. In the maritime industry, Gen AI can improve efficiency while reducing risks by integrating risk assessment and insight summaries into workflows, enhancing communication, ensuring compliance with sanctions, optimizing shipping routes, and much more.

How Does Gen AI Work?

Gen AI is powered by deep learning models. It creates novel content that closely mimics the training data it has been exposed to. This versatile technology can generate a wide array of outputs, including synthesized text, computer code, realistic images, music, and more. When given a prompt, the AI model uses its trained algorithms to predict an appropriate response. Based on these predictions, it generates new and relevant content that aligns with the input prompt. This process allows for the creation of diverse and innovative outputs that can cater to various applications and industries.

What is the Relationship Between Vertical AI and Gen AI?

Vertical AI and Gen AI each serve different purposes and applications, but can be integrated in a complementary way. Vertical AI is designed to service a specific industry or domain, such as healthcare, finance, or the maritime domain. It is highly specialized and optimized to handle its targeted sector’s unique challenges and tasks. For example, Windward’s Maritime AI™. This specialization allows vertical AI to provide deep, expert-level insights and solutions tailored to the needs of its particular field.

Machine learning and predictive analytics make vertical AI a foundational technology that goes far beyond content creation. 

Generative AI (Gen AI) focuses on creating new content based on the data it has been trained on. Notable examples of Gen AI include models such as GPT-4, which can generate human-like text, and DALL-E, which creates images from textual descriptions. Gen AI’s ability to generate novel content makes it particularly useful in creative fields, personalized content creation, and any application requiring the synthesis of unique material.

In the maritime industry, Windward has expanded our Maritime AI™ portfolio and built upon our vertical AI foundation to introduce Windward Maritime AI™ Agent™ – MAI Expert™. The industry’s FIRST Gen AI agent is a virtual maritime risk subject matter expert that leverages Windward’s proprietary AI models, and human expertise, using innovative Gen AI engines.

What is Gen AI?

What is a Gen AI Agent?

A Gen AI agent is an advanced AI system designed to autonomously perform tasks that generate content, or make decisions based on learned patterns from vast datasets. These agents can be integrated into organizations’ workflows and leverage the capabilities of generative AI models to produce coherent text, create images, or perform other creative functions. 

They can also support research and development by generating hypotheses, summarizing scientific literature, and creating simulation scenarios. Gen AI agents’ ability to produce coherent, contextually relevant content and make informed decisions based on extensive data analysis makes them valuable tools for automation, creativity, and efficiency in almost all domains and professional settings.

Real-Life Applications of Gen AI for the Maritime Domain 

In the maritime domain, Gen AI can be used to empower decision-making with comprehensive risk assessments and insight summaries. It could also future-proof risk management with, for example, a virtual maritime expert that provides AI-based actionable recommendations to assess sanctions risk exposure accurately; complete screenings faster; and reduce hiring costs, onboarding time, and reliance on limited staff. 

Gen AI can accelerate decision-making processes and standardized communications with automated risk assessments highlighting key insights that truly matter for your business’ bottomline.