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Sanctions Compliance
Stay ahead of maritime sanctions and deceptive shipping practices exposure by proactively identifying developing threats using advanced AI-driven behavioral insights. Leverage Maritime AI™ to make smarter business decisions and confidently manage potential business blockers.
Counterparty Due Diligence
Enhance counterparty due diligence with actionable insights and investigate every maritime and non-maritime entity, all in one platform. Leverage Maritime AI™ to fully understand the risks associated with vessels, their activities, their ownership status and any connected 3rd party entities in your supply chain.
Vetting & Safety
Grow your business with behavioral risk assessment and take on more business without compromising your risk profile.
Know Your Vessel (KYV™)
Expand your KYC processes with the Know Your Vessel™ (KYV) solution, and better understand your risk exposure with behavioral, cargo and ownership insights based on best-in-industry ML and AI models.
API Insights Lab
Seamlessly integrate a wide range of unique real-time insights, behavioral data sets, and risk recommendations into your organization’s existing screens to enhance internal platforms, workflows, and third-party applications. Insights are available through pre-defined off-the-shelf packages that cater specific workflows or through our extensive Insights Catalog.

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The Windward Advantage
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Daily Vessel Activities
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Less False Positives
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Data Sources
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Weekly Risk Indicators
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Proprietary AI Models
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STS Detection Accuracy

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