The Power of Maritime AI™

Leverage AI-driven tipping and cueing to optimize operational decision-making.

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Maritime AI™ for visibility and efficient operational decision-making

Windward enables quick identification of behavioral anomalies and deviations from patterns of life. With a multi-source approach combining both predictive intelligence and satellite technology, Windward transforms a sea of raw data into actionable insights and enables true tipping and cueing to detect, identify and monitor vessels in real-time within any area of interest.


Track vessels throughout their lifetime

with a patented entity resolution resistant to identity spoofing


Discover new leads

based on user-defined behavioral risks and advanced AI-based classifiers on a global level


Export and share unclassified, multi-INT reports

through an integrative common operating picture (COP)


Seamless API integration

of insights and risk recommendations with a scalable onboarding

For over a decade, Windward’s Maritime AI has been applied across various industries for a wide range of uses – from national security agencies identifying maritime threats, to financial institutions monitoring for compliance risks. The Windward platform fuses multiple data sources to generate unique, real-time and actionable insights, and has been trusted by some of the most recognized brands and organizations to identify critical and time-sensitive events. You can now leverage the same award-winning capabilities to gain more control than ever over your supply chain operations.

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