Ocean Freight Visibility

Optimize Shipment Operations

Reduce the costs of your ocean freight & container tracking operations,
manage your supply chain efficiently, and bring value to your customers.

Reduce Detention & Demurrage

Avoid fees & penalties with accurate ETAs in advance and reduce invoice volume processing times and costs

Improve Customer Loyalty

Offer more clarity on delays with shareable maps & delay reasons and make more time to serve customers by automating mundane tasks

Automate milestone updates

Always be up to date with the latest ETD, ATD, ETA, ATA, and all pre- and post-departure container status updates and vessel events.

Plan your shipments better

Benchmark the performances of ports, terminals and shipping lines

Maritime AI™ Predicted ETA & Reasons for Delay

Plan ahead by knowing, earlier than ever before, when your containers will arrive, how late they are compared to carrier information, and what causes the delay.

Real-Time Geofenced Timestamps

Get real-time notifications based on a combination of vessel location, and extensive mapping and geofencing of all container berthing terminals worldwide.

Automated Container & Vessel Tracking

Track by booking reference, BoL number, or container number, and automatically get the full details of the entire route, including all transshipments.

Ports and Terminals Performance

In-depth analysis of the top container ports and terminals around the world, including congestion status, turnaround efficiency, and more.

Maritime AI™ Predicted ETA & Reasons for Delay

Real-Time Geofenced Timestamps

Automated Container & Vessel Tracking

Ports and Terminals Performance

Optimize planning

Lock in your haulage earlier with accurate ETA predictions 10 days before arrival

Save time & money

Automate processes and reduce detention & demurrage fees

Mitigate disruptions

Strengthen your resilience by understanding delay reasons in real-time

APIs for scalable ocean freight visibility


Leverage insights on container ports and terminals, including congestion levels, vessel turnaround times, and transit times.


Automate operational processes and create an accurate version of the truth with insights fused and enhanced by Maritime AI


Monitor performance and manage demurrage costs with post-delivery insights, including geofenced ATD & ATA timestamps


Enhance your due diligence processes by scanning businesses for ties to high-risk or sanctioned vessels.

We chose to partner with Windward to help us achieve our goal of building a clear picture of the supply chain. Using Ocean Freight Visibility, we can ensure our customers receive the latest and most accurate ETAs.

We were absolutely blown away by Windward’s data. The visibility down to the port details and a drill down of any delay causes – and all in real time. Other available solutions today are a million miles away from that.

With an industry that provides endless ever changing updates from multiple sources, the Windward Ocean Freight Visibility solution brings huge peace of mind and support, giving us accurate live data whilst saving us time. Since working with Windward, we are able to focus more on bettering our customer service, reducing their risks and improving their experience.

“Most of the end-to-end visibility solutions available in the market have limited shipment coverage and data latency issues. After testing and comparing Windward’s Ocean Freight Visibility solution with others on the market, we concluded that it provided the biggest improvement on these challenges as well as others that we didn’t think could be solved.”

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