Dark activity & deceptive shipping – lessons from the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Image 1: Ownership of Russian-affiliated vessels changing from Russian to non-Russian companies
Image 2: Ownership changes for Russian-affiliated vessels from Russian to non-Russian entities, by company location
Image 3: Number of dark activities by Russian-affiliated tanker vessels
Image 4: Destinations of crude oil tankers delivering smuggled Russian oil
Image 5: Yang Li Hu’s path between Russia, China, and South Korea
Image 6: STS operation between Yang Li Hu and Yuan Qui Hu (Source: Planet Labs) 
Image 7: Trade flow shifts in the Black Sea – month-by-month view since the beginning of 2022
Image 8: Trade flow trends in the Black Sea comparing April-May 2021 vs. April-May 2022
Image 9: Port calls by bulk carriers in the Black Sea
Image 10: Monthly port calls in the Black Sea by country
Image 11: Tanker and cargo port calls in Ukraine
Image 12: Showing the location of Izmail port and its challenging size and geographical landscape (Left side image source: Planet Labs)
Image 13: Izmail port congestion – on May 2022 (right) vs. May 2021 (left) (Source: Planet Labs)
Image 14: Port calls in Izmail port by subclass

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