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The new EU sanctions package against Russia was announced on June 24, 2023. The package includes new clauses that have a dramatic impact on global ocean trade for dry/wet bulk, and containerized goods stakeholders globally.

Port authorities, traders, shipping companies, bunker suppliers and more will now have to go beyond sanctions list screening, and track deceptive shipping practices through every milestone of a vessel’s journey.

Explore the new EU clauses

What to Monitor

STS Transfers

AIS Manipulations

Transit via Russia

AI-Based Classification of
Illicit STS Transfers

Track and identify illicit STS operations with a 96% accurate AI-driven model

Save up to 50% of investigation times with 4x less false positives than the industry standard

Go beyond heuristic indicators with full behavioral context, wet cargo data, and risk explainability for each STS

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Automatic Detection of
AIS Manipulations

Leverage the only solution to provide automatic visibility into location (GNSS) manipulations, with more than 1200 confirmed cases already in the system

Make smarter decisions with the best-in-class dark activity model, and accurate sanctions context and explainability

Save up to 50% of investigation times with 4x less false positives than the industry standard

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Transit via Russia

The transit ban on certain containerized goods was added to impact the Russian defense industry by preventing relevant parts and items that could contribute to Russia’s development from ending up in Russia during the transport.

Automated alerts for containers expected to sail through Russia

Dynamic container route tracking with voyage milestones – transshipment and adhoc rollovers

Quick compliance implementation to identify sanctioned vessels and avoid financial & reputational risk

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Maritime Risk is Evolving

Are you Exposed?

Anyone involved in the transit of the relevant goods could be responsible for a sanctions violation, depending on whether they are subject to EU sanctions jurisdiction.The main shipping stakeholders that should start to work on compliance policy and work processes:

Importers/exporters for containerized goods

Shipping companies for wet/dry bulk shipments

Port authorities for all incoming vessels

EU-based companies for affected exported goods

Risk on the Rise


AIS signal losses



STS operations
*Q2/2023, tanker-to-tanker


of risky vessels are associated
with Russia


+2,500 Flagged location (GNSS) manipulation events

Maritime Risk is Evolving

Industry-Best Technology for Smarter Decision-Making

Full compliance evaluation

Quick sanctions screening for countries and vessels

Live transit alerts

Real-time monitoring and alerts for containerized goods transported via Russian waters

Illicit activity detection

Patent-pending deceptive shipping practices models for dark activities, location (GNSS) manipulation, and ship-to-ship operations

Russian-affiliation indicators

Automatic indicators of former Russian-flagged vessels and companies in sanctioned countries. *Aligned with EU regulations

Maritime AI™ is No Longer Optional